Mike Vrabel held a day-after-game press conference with the Nashville media. The Tennessee Titans were embarrassed by the Cleveland Browns but only managed to lose by six points.

Here are some of the topics Vrabel addressed.


The Tennessee Titans sat alone at the top of the AFC South after dominating the Indianapolis Colts in week 12.

Then they came out flat in week 13, getting embarrassed by the Cleveland Browns and dropping to 8-4.

The Colts won their game with the Houston Texans in week 13, which improves both their divisional record to 2-2 and their overall record to 8-4.

Mike Vrabel spoke on what the focus of the team is heading into these next four games knowing the divisional race is tight.

“We have to focus on trying to find a way to make these corrections,” Vrabel said, “Getting in here on Wednesday, moving on to Jacksonville, and making sure we are playing the game a certain way and that we understand how we have to play it.”

A win over Jacksonville is crucial. It would put the Titans at four divisional wins. That means if the Colts lose another divisional game, Tennessee would clinch a tie-breaker in the event that both the Colts and Titans finish with the same overall record.


The Tennessee Titans have an interesting dilemma. Their secondary has taken strides in the right direction ever since calling up Breon Borders and trading for Desmond King.

Aside from Sunday, both players have been impressive. With defensive back Kristian Fulton returning soon, the Titans may have to figure out where to put him.

Mike Vrabel said they will examine Fulton playing on the outside instead of playing Nickelback. As for when he’ll be ready to go, Vrabel provided some hope for a Fulton return moving forward.

“I’d say he has gotten healthier and gotten closer,” Vrabel said, “I think that he’ll be practicing and doing more than he did last week.”


The Tennessee Titans 2020 draft class has been fairly nonexistent this season. One of their 2020 picks is running back Darrynton Evans, who had expectations of coming in and being a good complimentary back to Derrick Henry.

Unfortunately, Evans has been injured all season and was recently placed on injured reserve. Today is decision day for the Titans, and Vrabel said he expects Evans to be activated.

On queue, the Titans announced that they’ve activated the rookie running back to the active roster.

The Titans also activated tackle Isaiah Wilson from suspension. Wilson, their first-round pick in the 2020 draft, is a player Vrabel said they are continuing to work with.

“We’re going to continue to work and support Isaiah (Wilson),” Vrabel said, “That’s our job. We’ve brought him on to this family, and we have expectations for everybody associated with it.”

“We’ll continue to coach him, teach him, and support him, but continue to hold him to a standard that we hold everybody else to.”


The Tennessee Titans had a rough day versus the Cleveland Browns.

They had a failed fourth-down conversion, a Derrick Henry fumble, and an intercepted pass that bounced off Adam Humphries’ helmet.

Add to that the two 15-yard personal foul penalties and the numerous drops. If you know anything about Mike Vrabel’s Titans, you would know that is not normal.

“It’s uncharacteristic of us,” Vrabel said, “We pride ourselves, we practice, we coach it, and we talk about it. We show how other players are fumbling the ball, and we show how other teams attack it.”

“The drop passes are only going to lead to missed opportunities or a turnover.”

As for his message to the team, Vrabel didn’t mince any words.

“The message is don’t do dumb shit that hurt the team,” Vrabel said, “I don’t use that lightly. At the end of the day, you can’t do dumb stuff to hurt the team.”


The Tennessee Titans now have a big divisional game next week. You might be thinking, “the Jaguars are 1-11, how is this big?”

Here’s how.

If the Titans win, they will get their fourth divisional win of the year. That means a Colts loss in the division would give the Titans a guaranteed tiebreaker.

It’s also a big game considering the Titans need to stay ahead of the Colts and atop the AFC South regardless. Once you drop to the wild card, anything could happen.

Despite being 8-4 and owning one of the top four seeds, Vrabel and the Titans aren’t taking the 1-11 Jaguars lightly.

“It’s the same challenge that it is every week,” Vrabel said, “We’re just going to have to get the corrections made, get healthy as fast as possible, and begin to prepared for what I know is a physical divisional game.”

The Tennessee Titans sit at the fourth seed in the AFC Playoff Picture, but a Bills’ loss tonight would put them right back at the 3rd spot. The Titans still control their own destiny and have a favorable schedule going out.

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