The A to Z Morning Brew brings your everything you missed with the Tennessee Titans, Tennessee Vols, The SEC & the depths of the internet. ☕️ Drink Up!

Tennessee Titans 

Players the Titans should target before the trade deadline.

Titans talk about going for 2, the bye week, and more.

Tennessee Volunteers 

How Jeremy Banks moved from running back to linebacker.

Speaking of switching positions, Carlin Fils-Aime is back at running back.

Nashville Predators 

NHL Power Rankings — Beware of the Preds.

AFC South NFL Logo 

The Jaguars quarterback situation reviewed — To Bortle, or not to Bortle.


Gators praise Dan Mullen’s play calling thus far.

News of the Day 

110 years later, the Titans is making a comeback:

If you want to drop the stock price of a company, all you have to do is plot to bomb a store like this guy did.

Video of the Day 

Well, that escalated quickly:

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