The A to Z Morning Brew brings your everything you missed with the Tennessee Titans, Tennessee Vols, The SEC & the depths of the internet. ☕️ Drink Up!

Tennessee Titans 

Is it time to believe in the Tennessee Titans again?

A couple of plays from Sunday’s win that you have to watch over and over again.

Tennessee Volunteers 

A new goal for the Vols — two SEC victories.

Nashville Predators 

A trade between the Preds and Buffalo Sabres.

AFC South NFL Logo 

Jalen Ramsey called NFL legend Cris Carter a clown…


Georgia at LSU isn’t a night game…but Ole Miss at Arkansas is…what in tarnation?

News of the Day 

It happens to all of us — a gender reveal party turned into a massive inferno

Courtesy of Getty Images

Video of the Day 

Now we know how to expose people who are faking their wheelchair status.

A defining moment for a budding superstar quarterback:

Clearly, Mahomes learned from the best — former Vanderbilt GOAT Jay Cutler.

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