I’m not normally an advocate of firing a position coach after just one season — especially when an entirely new coaching staff was put in place — but I think that’s the move the Tennessee Titans should make.

The Titans’ offensive line, which is a year removed from being rated as a top five unit according to PFF, took a major step back this past season.

From PFF:

This has been a Titans offensive line that has been intact for three years now, but the results have slowly diminished over time instead of improving. A significant portion of that was health, but a few guys took key steps back as well. Right guard Josh Kline didn’t miss time but still struggled to his lowest-graded season as a pro (58.0 overall).

A small step back was expected, considering the Titans implemented a new blocking scheme in 2018. But I think they took enough of a step back that it’s fair to question offensive line coach Keith Carter.

Typically, I’d say give Carter another year. There’s no reason to make a snap decision, especially after a transition year.

But I think there’s a coach available that would make a change worth it for the Titans.

The Colts recently fired offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo.

I was surprised by this move because the Colts’ offensive line, which had been dreadful in recent years, made vast improvements in 2018.

From PFF:

We knew they’d be better, but I don’t think even the biggest Colts homer could have foreseen this coming. Drafting the highest-graded rookie guard though and the second-highest-graded rookie tackle will do that. Everyone and their mother predicted Quenton Nelson would be a stud, and he was as a second-team PFF All-Pro, but Braden Smith going from college guard to pro tackle was a wildcard. Fortunately, that card came up aces as Smith was PFF’s 25th-highest graded tackle on the season.

Colts head coach Frank Reich reportedly wants to bring in “his own guy”.

Considering the job DeGuglielmo did with the Colts’ offensive line in 2018, I think he’d be a great hire for the Titans. He’s worked with struggling units and helped them improve. It seems like a win-win situation for Tennessee.

By the way, DeGuglielmo coached in New England from 2014-15. His time didn’t overlap with Jon Robinson or Mike Vrabel, but we’ve already seen that the New England to Tennessee pipeline is alive and well.

One thing to consider, however, is that whoever the Titans hire as their new offensive coordinator might have a preference in who serves as the offensive line coach.

Whoever is hired will have the keys to the offensive kingdom, so I’m sure they’ll have plenty of say in who is or isn’t retained on the staff on that side of the ball.

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