Everyone that talks about sports for a living has a bad take from time to time.

But ESPN’s Tom Luginbill’s bad Derrick Henry take from 2012 might be an all-timer.

Luginbill was on a conference call with Henry’s high school coach in 2012, prior to a nationally televised game featuring the future Tennessee Titans running back, when he made a comment he probably deeply regrets now.

Henry’s high school coach, Bobby Ramsay, recently recalled to 247Sports that during the call Luginbill said “You know he’s not going to play running back. Come on man.”

Keep in mind, this is when Henry was setting national high school records as a running back.

To be fair, Luginbill wasn’t the only one who thought Henry couldn’t play running back. Ramsay said one of Florida’s coaches told him “I’m not sure if he’s an offensive player”.

(Henry grew up a Florida fan, so that one especially stung I’m sure.)

Miami was another program that didn’t see Henry as a running back.

Things worked out just fine for Henry, though. He ended up at Alabama and won a national championship and a Heisman Trophy.

By the way, Ramsay told 247Sports of the Luginbill comment “I think to this day if Derrick saw Luginbill, he’d probably try to fight him”.

I don’t know if he’s joking or not, but if I were Luginbill, I’d keep my distance just to stay safe.

You know, kind of like Earl Thomas.

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