On an otherwise boring news day in sports… one of the Tennessee Titans’ rivals delivered a bombshell.

The Houston Texans fired head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien on Monday. O’Brien served as only their head coach from 2014-2019, then officially added General Manager to his title in January of 2020.

If you are a Titans fan, you are probably on one of two sides with this. You are either laughing because the Texans are suffering, there is nothing sweeter than seeing a rival suffer, or you are kind of bummed because you wanted O’Brien to continue running the Texans franchise into the ground.

It also makes you wonder about the Titans’ offensive coordinator, Arthur Smith. Let’s face it, Smith will be a sought out man in the offseason. He has this electric Tennessee Titans offense top-10 in the NFL.

Since quarterback Ryan Tannehill took over in 2019, the Titans offense has been very efficient and top five in multiple categories. It has been the best Titans offense we have seen in well over a decade.

Not only has he lifted the Tennessee Titans offense to elite heights, but he has Tannehill playing the best he’s ever played in his career. Those numbers will certainly have eyes on him in an NFL era that offense and quarterback play prevails.


The Texans have a very high payroll, in fact it’s the highest in the NFL. Yet, they have zero wins to show for it. They are 0-4 so far this season, and you might think they can just tank for talent, but they don’t even own their first two picks in 2021.

The Texans’ situation is one a potential head coach like Smith may look at and find difficult to see a path to success. That may help the Tennessee Titans when it comes to convincing Arthur Smith to stick around, and that is if the Texans are the only team that show any interest in him.

Another team who will likely be seeking Arthur Smith as their new head coach are the New York Jets, who will probably fire Adam Gase and look for someone to take Sam Darnold to the next level.

There could be more teams, but those are the most obvious ones as of now. The hope is that Smith stays loyal and decides he wants to win a Super Bowl with the Tennessee Titans. But, if his dream is to be an NFL head coach someday, the opportunity will come knocking very soon and he may not turn it down.

Featured image by The Tennessean-USA TODAY NETWORK

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