Earlier this week, NFL Network’s Adam Rank, who is a fantasy analyst, predicted that the Tennessee Titans would finish 3-13 in 2019.

Mind-boggling, right?

Record predictions are pretty pointless, but we all do them this time of the year. Mostly because it’s fun to predict how the season will play out. And if we’re right, we get bragging rights. If we’re wrong, we can just chalk it up to the NFL being “unpredictable”. It’s a win-win.

But that’s still no excuse for Rank’s uniformed prediction for the Titans.

Tennessee is coming off a 9-7 season that featured several tough injuries. And it was also Mike Vrabel’s first season as a head coach. The arrow should be pointing up for the Titans — especially after a successful off-season that featured upgrades to the offensive line and the wide receiver rotation. A six game regression shouldn’t even be a consideration.

Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan shares the same sentiments — in way fewer words.

Here’s a photo he posted on his Instagram story on Friday.

Tennessee Titans

That pretty much sums it up.

Rank shouldn’t be receiving all the attention he’s received this week. Most folks probably didn’t even know who he was before his terrible predictions (which extended beyond the Titans, by the way).

But here we are. Sometimes ignorance is too hard to ignore.

In Rank’s case, it was impossible to ignore.

Featured image via Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

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