Tennessee Titans receiver Tajaé Sharpe has been putting on a show as of late in Training Camp. Even in Monday’s slow-paced practice where the Titans worked mostly on end of game situations, he found ways to make plays.

“I’m really just trying to lock in and focus day by day,” Sharpe said. “Just trying to get better as each day goes on. Trying to take the coaching for what it’s worth. Just try to come out here and make plays whenever I have the opportunity.”

Sharpe was the star of the scrimmage the Titans held at Nissan Stadium last week. He caught his team’s lone touchdown, and he converted a number of third downs with big catches along the sideline.

His reliability and ability to get himself open against multiple types of coverages has caught the eye of Titans head coach Mike Vrabel.

“[Sharpe] gets here, studies with Rob [Moore], works out, lifts, runs,” Vrabel said. “He’s got good instincts, good awareness on the field, and I don’t think that those are things that can necessarily be taught, I think that’s a feel thing…He’s adding some details to the route, and the quarterbacks trust him to be where he’s supposed to be and to catch it.”

Sharpe spent a lot of time both inside and outside of Titans headquarters during the offseason trying to improve his game. His areas of emphasis were improving his build and anything related to technique.

“Coming into this year in the offseason, Sharpe said, “I worked a lot in the weight room, added a couple more pounds of muscle weight. I worked a lot on my releases, the top of my routes, trying to get in and out of my routes a little bit faster, things of that nature. I try to work on a lot of the fundamentals of the game because, a lot of people take those for granted, but that’s what puts you over the top when things like fatigue and everything kick in.”

In doing his offseason work, however, Sharpe was not motivated purely by the competition added to the Titans’ receiver room. Rather, his motivation came from within himself.

“Media and everything makes a big deal about it, but that’s part of the game. There’s going to be rookies that come in every single year at every single position on every single team. It’s not like it puts an extra chip on my shoulder or anything like that, I feel like I already have that.

“I have self-motivation, I don’t need anybody else to motivate me. It’s just a personal thing of mine, just trying to get better and better. I don’t need anybody to come in and push me, it’s part of the job.”

Looking ahead to the rest of Training Camp and the preseason, Sharpe wants to continue to improve and showcase why he should be seen as a key member of the Titans’ receiving corps.

“Obviously, every single year we try to take a step forward. Trying to get better, progressing year by year, day by day, week by week. Coming into this league, I understand that it’s a process, you know, guys in this league are going to make plays, you’re going to make some plays, so I’ve learned to just kind of take it all on the chin and learn from every single experience you’re going to face.

“Just putting in a lot of work behind closed doors when you don’t have to be in the facility when you’re not at practice…Doing things like working out during in the offseason, coming together, throwing some routes, and things of that nature.”

With A.J. Brown continuing to miss practice with some kind of leg issue, Sharpe will keep getting opportunities to showcase his abilities. Up to this point, he has taken advantage of every chance he’s gotten.

OTHER NOTE: Sharpe was not listed as a starter in the Titans’ “unofficial depth chart” that they included in their first weekly game release of the season. He was listed behind Taywan Taylor. However, Mike Vrabel seemed to imply that it should be taken with a pretty massive grain of salt.

Cover image: USA Today/Steve Robert

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