Tennessee Titans fans, for the most part, are happy with the hiring of Mike Vrabel as the team’s new head coach.

But that doesn’t mean he’s automatically viewed as one of the top head coaches in the league.

Sporting News recently ranked all 32 head coaches in the NFL and they have Vrabel ranked 31st.

Here’s what they had to say about the former New England Patriot standout.

Vrabel worked his way up the coaching ranks after starting at Ohio State, and he brings a good mix of that college feel with the lessons he learned in the NFL as both a player and a coach. He’s the right voice at the right time for the Titans, a team that should compete in the AFC South again.

I’m honestly surprised Vrabel isn’t ranked 32nd, behind Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia.

Vrabel and Patricia are each entering their first season as a head coach, but Patricia has way more coaching experience.

Patricia, who was Vrabel’s position coach in New England for three seasons, has spent the last six seasons as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator.

Vrabel, on the other hand, has only one year of experience as a defensive coordinator. And that one year didn’t go so well (Houston had the worst scoring defense in the league under Vrabel, though injuries were a big reason why).

For what it’s worth, I think Vrabel will do a fine job as the head of the Titans.

But it’s also pretty clear that he has more to prove than any other head coach in the league.

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