Prior to week five, there was a lot of talk about the Tennessee Titans not receiving enough respect from the national media.

After watching the Titans’ calamitous loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, it’s clear the national media was correct to hold off on crowning the Nashville based franchise as one of the best teams in the NFL.

While the Titans’ performance left a lot to be desired on Sunday, I don’t think it’s a true indicator of what we will see moving forward.

Essentially we saw the Titans’ floor as a team on Sunday. I can’t imagine Mike Vrabel’s team playing much worse than they did against the Bills.

But we can’t ignore what the Titans did in the previous three games just because of their bad performance on Sunday.

When the Titans are clicking, they can play with anyone in the NFL. They showed that against the Eagles in week four. But when they show up with a lack of mental focus/toughness, they’re capable of losing to any team in the league.

Moving forward, I think it’s going to be an up-and-down season for the Titans as they continue to form their identity under Vrabel and offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur.

There are going to be some high moments (like we saw against the Eagles). And there will likely be some more extremely low moments like we saw against Buffalo.

What the Titans are going through under Vrabel reminds me a lot of the Eagles’ 2016 season. Philadelphia started the season hot by winning their first three games. But then they lost four out of their next five games. They also had a five game losing streak, before finishing the season on a two game winning streak in Doug Pederson’s first year as a head coach.

The trials and tribulations paid off for the Eagles, considering they won the Super Bowl the next season.

I’m not saying the Titans are destined to win the Super Bowl in 2019 (there’s so much parity in the NFL that it’s impossible to know who will this season, let alone next season), but I do think they’re on a similar trajectory as Pederson’s Eagles.

Which basically means the 2018 season isn’t going to always be fun for Titans fans.

Vrabel isn’t going to have a Los Angeles Rams/Sean McVay type turnaround in his first season as a head coach (of course, Vrabel didn’t walk into a situation where he has Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald, either).

But that’s okay. One year turnarounds aren’t the standard (at least they shouldn’t be).

As long as the Titans keep taking more steps forward than they do back, then everything will be alright moving forward.

Of course, that means the Titans have to take a few steps forward heading into their week six matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.

Featured image via Titans Online 

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