A lot of football coaches feel they can get more out of their players by yelling at them and showing them “tough love”.

There’s no doubt that approach works for some, but don’t expect to see it from Tennessee Titans wide receivers coach Rob Moore.

Moore, who was hired by Titans head coach Mike Vrabel last month after spending three seasons with the Oakland Raiders, views himself as a teacher. For him, it’s all about the fundamentals, telling Titans Online “I am a teacher…….it all comes down to the fundamentals. A lot of times with these young players, if they understand what you want from them, it is easy for them to demonstrate that on tape.”

But just because Moore isn’t planning on doing a lot of yelling, doesn’t mean there will be a¬†laissez-faire atmosphere during practice for the wide receivers. Moore plans on holding his players accountable, saying “I am going to make sure they know what to do, how to do it and then hold them accountable”.

Moore added that Tennessee’s wide receivers will play fast and physical next season, while being disciplined route runners.

Having a healthy Corey Davis will be big for the Titans. Davis caught 34 passes for 375 yards during his rookie season last year, but he spent the first part of the season dealing with a bum hamstring.

Davis has the potential to be a star in the NFL. He showed flashes in 2017 of his ability to be a dominant wide receiver.

The Titans have the offensive pieces to be one of the best teams in the AFC. It’s now up to the new coaching staff to get the most out of those offensive pieces.

It sounds like Rob Moore has a solid plan for how he’s going to get the best results possible out of Tennessee’s wide receivers.

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