It’s April Fools day. All the fake Tennessee Titans news is parading around Twitter getting fans excited or making their hearts drop all for nothing.

Whoever makes fake news and gets me riled up for nothing deserves to be called an April Fool. Much like guys who predict things that are outlandish and, well, dumb.

Let’s revisit some of the worst takes about the Tennessee Titans. The first one I am sure will be familiar to you.


During the 2019 offseason, NFL Network’s Adam Rank made a bold prediction that the Tennessee Titans would go 3-13.

At the time, the Titans were fresh off three consecutive 9-7 seasons, but nothing about the team indicated they would go 3-13. That prediction made the NFL Network analyst deemed a “hater” by most Titans fans.

Rank did not get the last laugh, as the Titans went on to go 9-7 (again), but the team made it to the AFC Championship game after taking down the dynasty in New England, and the number one seeded Baltimore Ravens.

But wait, there’s more! Adam Rank again decided to predict the Titans to go 8-8 in 2021 and miss the playoffs. Now, this one isn’t that bad, considering that’s one game off from their usual 9-7.

Yet, the Tennessee Titans proved him wrong again, going on to earn an 11-5 record, winning the AFC South, and making the playoffs.

Two consecutive years of bad takes? Good job, Adam Rank. You are our first induction into the 2021 Class of April Fools.


The Miami Dolphins traded Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans for a 4th rounder. Many thought he would come in and be a backup to Marcus Mariota.

Little did we know he would eventually give the Titans something they’ve been searching for since Steve McNair: A good quarterback.

He had a great half of the 2019 season and led the Titans to the AFC Championship game. Unfortunately, many critics thought that was a lightning-in-a-bottle run and that he would come back down to earth in 2020.

All of those critics came out in bunches when Tannehill signed the dotted line on his new $118M contract.

Here’s one of many examples.

Also, here are a couple of responses to this tweet.

Tennessee Titans

Tannehill led the Titans to an 11-5 season, AFC South crown, and their second-consecutive playoff berth.

He had 33 passing touchdowns, 3,819 passing yards, and added seven rushing touchdowns to his stats.

Tannehill proved he is far from a fluke. So to everyone who said he was a fluke and overpaid, welcome to the 2021 Class of April Fools.


The 2020 season was a weird one, with football games during a global pandemic. Eventually, it was destined for an outbreak to occur. And it happened to occur in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Titans had up to 20 players on the COVID-19 list and had two of their games postponed because of it. The week four Pittsburgh Steelers game was moved to week seven, and the week five Buffalo Bills game was moved from Sunday to Tuesday.

Speculation was that the Tennessee Titans broke all kinds of COVID protocols. There were even reports that some “historic” sanctions could come raining down on the Titans organization.

Anonymous NFL coaches were reportedly wanting the Titans to receive punishment as harsh as losing two first-round picks. NFL fans were blaming the Titans for ruining the season and demanded severe punishment on the organization.

Yes, the Titans were at the center of attention for the wrong reasons.

That led to some crazy, bizarre takes, such as this one by NFL writer Doug Farrar.

In his article, he mentioned that the Titans’ COVID outbreak is worse than Michael Vick’s dogfighting scandal, Spygate, and Bountygate. He argued that the NFL should continue the season with 31 teams, and anything less than suspending the team is “dangerous.”

It turns out that the Titans didn’t break many protocols if any, and the entire situation revealed some issues within the NFL’s COVID protocols. So the NFL ended up learning from the situation, and the Titans got away with a $350,000 fine.

I am sure Mr. Farrar was livid about that, and he can stay angry on his way to the 2021 Class of April Fools.

It’s fun when the “experts” and the fans are wrong about the Tennessee Titans. What a better day to call them out than on April Fools day.

I’ll be on the lookout for 2021 bad takes, so next April Fools day, we can induct a new group to the Class of April Fools.

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