Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota has a unique skill set.

He’s one of the few quarterbacks in the league that is a legitimate threat with his arm and his legs.

While there are a lot of quarterbacks that try to approach the game the same way, not many of them can do it with the same level of effectiveness as Mariota.

So far during off-season work, Mariota is looking “fast”, according to Jim Wyatt of Titans Online.

Marcus Mariota is still getting used to the changes around him, from the new scheme to the new coaching staff to new players. Minus the bulky knee brace he’d worn previously, however, he’s sure looked fast on the occasions when he’s taken off.

If the Titans are going to be successful in 2018, they need to utilize Mariota’s speed.

However, new head coach Mike Vrabel told the media at the draft combine in February that Tennessee needs to be smart with Mariota.

How much harm is he going to put himself in? There’s a lot of factors that go into it. The risk/reward of when he does run with the football.

It doesn’t sound like Vrabel is going to let Mariota run wild this upcoming season.

And look, I get it. The Titans will only go as far as Mariota takes them. They can’t afford for him to suffer a significant injury.

But when you have a player as talented as Mariota, it would be a crime to not use him to his maximum potential.

Mariota might not have a Cam Newton-like frame, but he’s still 6-foot-4. He can absorb some hits that smaller quarterbacks might not be able to handle.

The Titans obviously don’t (and won’t) need to tailor their offense around Mariota’s running ability.

But the former Oregon standout needs to feel comfortable taking what the defense gives him. If the opposition knows Mariota won’t run, it’ll make their job a lot easier.

Hopefully the Titans’ coaching staff will come up with a solid plan to keep Mariota healthy, while letting him maximize his talents to scorch defenses in 2018.

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