After the completion of Sunday’s games, the Tennessee Titans could either be heading to the playoffs with a first round bye, or they could be heading home to watch from their couches.

The wild playoff scenarios facing the Titans in Mike Vrabel’s first season as a head coach feel remarkably appropriate after a bizarre season that has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

If the Titans beat the Colts on Sunday night, they’re in the playoffs. And if they beat the Colts and the Texans lose, then the AFC South belongs to Tennessee.

Getting a first round bye is a little tricker, but a Titans win combined with a loss by the Texans, Patriots and Ravens would give Tennessee the all important first round bye.

Considering the way the 2018 season has played out, nothing that happens on Sunday would surprise me.

I could see the Titans losing to the Colts as easily as I could see Vrabel’s squad somehow walking away with a first round bye.

If this season has taught us anything, it’s that the Titans are determined to keep everyone on their toes. They were left for dead several times this season. After three straight losses to fall to 3-4, I expected the Titans to fold. But when their backs were against the wall, they responded — in a big way.

The Titans’ wins against the Cowboys and Patriots were two of the most complete games I saw a NFL team play this season. Of course, Tennessee followed up those consecutive wins with consecutive bad losses against the Colts and Texans. And they looked like they were on their way to losing against the Jets, before engineering an impressive fourth quarterback comeback.

We’ve seen a lot of weirdness from the Titans this season. On Sunday night, we’re either going to see a disappointing end to the season for the Nashville based franchise, or we’re going to see the Titans finally beat Andrew Luck, which will result in a second straight playoff appearance for Tennessee (and their first ten win season since winning 13 in 2008).

Either way, no one can say the Titans haven’t been entertaining this year.

They don’t get a lot of attention from the national media, but I’m not sure there’s a more intriguing team in the NFL than the Titans .

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