It was a shock when I saw the Tennessee Titans scheduled for Sunday Night Football when the schedules were released.

If you told me at the time that the Titans would enter that game with the number one scoring offense, I would have questioned your football I.Q.

Yet here we are, the Titans have the number one scoring offense, second overall offense, and are 10-4 on the season. 2020 is indeed a weird year.

There is a level of comfort going into a game like this knowing a team is fully capable of competing. What’s also comforting is that the Tennessee Titans will head into the game already knowing what’s at stake.

There is something the Titans and Steelers have in common this week. By 3:00 pm central time on Sunday afternoon, both will know if they at least have a chance to win their division.

The Pittsburgh Steelers face the Indianapolis Colts at noon on Sunday in a game that directly affects the Titans’ chances of winning the AFC South later that night.

A Steelers win would drop the Colts to 10-5, and a Titans win later that night makes it mathematically impossible for the Colts to win the division.

However, what’s scary is that the Steelers have been in a slump lately. After an 11-0 start, they’ve dropped three straight games. They’ve lost to the Washington Football Team, Buffalo Bills, and the Cincinnati Bengals.

If the Titans follow up a Pittsburgh loss with a loss on Sunday night, Week 17 becomes very stressful. You know, the week the Titans face the Texans and the Colts face the tanking Jaguars.

Not to mention, in that scenario the Titans would be 10-5, trailing an 11-4 Colts and needing them to lose in order to win the division.

I get it, though. All the Titans need to do is win and everything will be fine. However, there is a slight concern when you are facing a hot Packers team on the road, and your divisional rival is facing a slumping Steelers team.

Here’s the bright side, though. If the Titans handle business on Sunday night, regardless of the outcome of Colts and Steelers, they would clinch the playoffs.

It isn’t unfair to say the Titans will handle business on Sunday night. This team has been molded for this type of game. They are built for it.

Let me explain. For the past four seasons, they’ve gone through adversity. Finding themselves in play-in games and must-win games spanning from week 10 to week 17.

You may say, “every team goes through adversity, what makes them any different?”

Well, this team has gotten comfortable being in high-pressure situations, which is why they thrive in it.

It’s been a wild ride since 2016, but their experience in these high-stress games will shine on Sunday night. This is as good as it gets: On the road, backs against the wall, needing a win versus a really good football team.

I think it is fair to say the Tennessee Titans have a quarterback who is not afraid of the lights. They have an offense that can hang with the best of them. Lastly, they have a coach that can coach with the best of them.

There should be no worries about if the Titans are capable of winning this game. They can. Especially since they are facing a team that seems to be all glamour but little glory.

That might get me in trouble with Packers fans, but I stand firm on the fact that the Titans are capable of handling business on Sunday, but there is no doubt it will be a fantastic game to watch.

A win is most important, but the Tennessee Titans need a little help from an old rival to take down a current rival.

If the Steelers win, the Titans would have a chance to crown themselves as AFC South champions for the first time in 12 seasons. And boy do they deserve it.

Featured image by Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
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