The 2020 NFL Draft is only a few days away, which means we’re nearing the conclusion of Mock Draft season.

Don’t worry, the 2021 mock drafts will start almost immediately after the 2020 NFL Draft is complete.

Anyway, one of the final “expert” mock drafts comes from NBC Sports’ Peter King, who has covered the NFL for over 35 years.

In King’s latest mock draft, he has the Tennessee Titans making a selection with an eye toward the future. King predicts that Tennessee will draft Georgia offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson with the No. 29 overall pick.

Here’s what King says about the pick:

Wilson could take a year of grooming, particularly in a year with a weird offseason program like this one. The natural inclination will be to expect Wilson to step in for the departed Jack Conklin, and he may. Wilson’s the kind of edgy, angry player who will fit well on the feisty Titans line. I’m just not sure that fit will begin in 2020.

The Titans just signed Dennis Kelly to a new three year deal. The thought is that Kelly will replace Jack Conklin at right tackle in 2020.

Kelly, however, has been more of a “swing” offensive lineman during his time in the NFL with the Titans. He’s certainly a capable right tackle, but he’s not going to be the most talented right tackle in the league.

It would make sense for the Titans to draft an offensive tackle in the 2020 NFL Draft to groom as a longterm option at right tackle. Perhaps Kelly starts in 2020 and then returns to his role as a utility offensive lineman in 2021 and 2022. You can never have too much depth at offensive line.

The big question is whether or not the Titans are looking for an instant impact player in the draft or someone with a high ceiling that will need some time to develop.

With Jon Robinson making the decisions, there’s really no telling what direction Tennessee will go. Robinson’s draft strategy will most likely depend on how the draft unfolds in front of the Titans.

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