Former NFL running backs turned NFL Network analysts Maurice Jones-Drew and Terrell Davis made their predictions this weekend on where Tom Brady and Ryan Tannehill, perhaps the two most sought after quarterbacks on the free agent market, will land in 2020.

The duo predicted that Brady will end up with the Titans, while Tannehill will go to the Bears.

Davis said that Brady going to Tennessee “makes too much sense”, citing the Titans’ existing culture.

As for Tannehill to the Bears? Jones-Drew sees him as a player who can get the Bears over the hump, much like he did with the Titans in 2019.

I’d be surprised if this scenario happened.

Tannehill back to Tennessee is what makes the most sense to me. He established himself in the offense last season and proved he can take the Titans deep into the playoffs.

Is there a chance that Tannehill regresses?

Sure. He wasn’t even the starter the whole season in Nashville and he didn’t fare so well during his time with the Miami Dolphins (they basically gave him to the Titans).

But moving on from Tannehill to sign a quarterback who will turn 43 before the start of the 2020 season doesn’t seem wise.

I know it’s Tom Brady. But it’s a Tom Brady that’s going to run out of gas at some point. It’s also a Tom Brady that would be forced to learn a whole new system for the first time in his career.

And that begs another question. The Titans’ system in 2019 clearly worked. If Brady signed with Tennessee, would offensive coordinator Arthur Smith feel forced to change his system to fit Brady? Obviously you mold your scheme to your players, but just how much would it change with Brady? How much influence would Brady have?

I think it’s best to roll with what worked last season. And that was Tannehill.

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