If the Tennessee Titans don’t lock up Ryan Tannehill before the start of free agency, via a new contract or the franchise tag, there’s a team in the NFC South that might be interested in signing the veteran quarterback.

According to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, the Carolina Panthers might not be as invested in Cam Newton as recent comments from their new head coach Matt Rhule might suggest.

Here’s what Freeman had to say about the situation and Tannehill:

The always excellent Ian Rapoport from NFL Network reported that—for now—the Panthers are planning to move forward with Cam Newton.

That may end up being the case, but teams I speak to don’t buy it. They believe the Panthers are going to pursue a QB in free agency, and the name I keep hearing is Ryan Tannehill.

The Panthers, goes the thinking around the league, are playing a nice game of poker and aren’t close to settling on Newton.

It’s clear there’s a significant market for Tannehill. And it would be understandable if he wanted to test the market (assuming the Titans don’t place the franchise tag on him, which is dependent on the Derrick Henry situation…there’s a lot of moving parts in Tennessee).

However, I still think Tannehill would be better off staying in Nashville. Tannehill knows the offense and he knows his skillset works in it. Heading to Carolina, a franchise in transition, might pay well, but Tannehill probably won’t have a chance to compete for a Super Bowl there in the immediate future.

No one is certain what will happen in the coming weeks, but I’d be surprised if Tannehill landed in Charlotte.

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