The Tennessee Titans, by most accounts, won the 2018 NFL Draft by landing two of their biggest first round targets.

Linebacker Rashaan Evans and edge rusher Harold Landry were each players that were mocked to the Titans during the months leading up to the draft.

Most fans would’ve been happy landing just one of those guys, but general manager Jon Robinson managed to get them both (and he didn’t really give up that much to do it, just a fourth round pick).

Thanks to Robinson’s savvy drafting, the Titans have moved up three spots in ESPN’s latest power rankings, rising from No. 16 to No. 13.

Here’s what ESPN said about the Titans:

Perhaps it’s no surprise that after making former linebacker Mike Vrabel the head coach, the Titans selected two linebackers in the first two rounds for the first time in the common draft era. That accounted for half of the Titans’ league-low four selections.

I still think the Titans are a bit low in ESPN’s power rankings, but it’s nice to see them getting a little respect after the 2018 NFL Draft.

Tennessee made the playoffs in 2017 and they advanced past the Wild Card round. I’m not sure how ESPN justifies putting them below the Los Angeles Chargers (a team that didn’t qualify for the playoffs).

ESPN did, however, do the right thing and put the Titans above the San Francisco 49ers in their latest power rankings (in their post free agency power rankings, the 49ers were five spots ahead of the Titans).

Perhaps ESPN is sleeping a bit on the Titans because they have a completely new coaching staff this season.

Whatever the reason, I think we’ll see the Titans firmly in the top ten of ESPN’s power rankings by the midpoint of the 2018 season.

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