Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel will likely go through a lot of trial and error during his first season leading a NFL franchise.

There will be a lot of things he tries that work extremely well, and there will be some things he tries that fail miserably.

One of the things that Vrabel is trying early during his tenure is something I think is brilliant.

Vrabel is going, at times, with an unscripted practice — even the coordinators don’t know what he’ll do.

Titans Online reported that on Wednesday, Vrabel would randomly call out different downs and distances. The coordinators would then have to make calls on the fly — just as they would during an actual game. The players, obviously, didn’t know what was coming either.

You know, as a player sometimes, you get tired of doing individual drills and group drills, and drills and drills — Mike Vrabel

I think this strategy is brilliant. While it’s not innovative (I’m certain other teams do this at times as well), I don’t think it’s utilized nearly enough.

Sure, players absolutely need to go over plays multiple times in order to get as close to perfection as possible. But there needs to be a healthy balance. If you haven’t practiced adverse situations where you have no clue what is coming from the defense, or even from your own huddle, how in the world are you going to be prepared when that situation happens in a game?

I like how Vrabel is handling practice so far. He might be a first time head coach, but he has a lot of experience as a player (in a successful organization) and as an assistant coach. I don’t suspect that Vrabel will look like a first time head coach very often this season.

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