Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel took the high road this week when discussing the hit from Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Andre Branch that knocked left tackle Taylor Lewan out of the game in the regular season opener.

When asked about the hit, Vrabel said “”Do I think it was dirty? Probably not”. He added “Do I think it was targeted at Taylor? I would say absolutely”.

When I first heard Vrabel’s comments, I thought he did the right thing by taking the high road.

But the more I think about it, the more I think Vrabel should be much more vocal about the hit that knocked out one of the Titans’ best players.

Vrabel said he believes Lewan was targeted. If that’s the case, then the hit was dirty. I don’t care if the hit was technically within the rules, if the intent was to injure then it’s dirty.

As a result of the hit, the Titans could be without their Pro-Bowl starting left tackle on Sunday against the Houston Texans. Lewan was sent home on Wednesday to rest.

If nothing else, Branch should face some sort of fine for the hit. Especially after audio appeared to show him gloating about knocking Lewan out of the game.

I’m not saying that Vrabel needs to go on a crazy rant at a press conference. But if player safety is the NFL’s primary concern, then something needs to be done in this situation.

Vrabel’s going to have to be more vocal in certain situations to get the NFL’s attention. This is one of those situations.

Featured image via Miami Herald 

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