Fast and aggressive.

That’s how the Tennessee Titans want to play in 2018.

But wanting to play that way and actually playing that way are two different things.

When OTA’s first got underway, Vrabel said the Titans’ practice speed was just “ok”.

Less than two weeks later, however, Vrabel has seen marked improvement in how his team is practicing.

That’s a great sign for the Titans. Obviously it’s still very early in the off-season, but the goal right now is for the team to consistently improve.

There might only be small improvements right now, but as long as the Titans aren’t taking a step back at any point, then they’re on the right track.

We know there will be some growing pains with a first time head coach this season, but for now it looks like Vrabel is pushing all the right buttons.

Featured image via @jwyattsports

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