In 2014, the Tennessee Titans opened their season with a blowout win against a tough Chiefs team in Kansas City.

They proceeded to lose 14 of their next 15 games, finishing the season 2-14. Most of those 14 losses weren’t even close.

Three weeks into the 2019 season, this year’s version of the Titans has opted to forego the path they discussed to a nauseating degree over the offseason of going “from good to great.” Instead, they’ve begun dangerously trodding down the same path taken by the 2014 squad.

Following two straight disastrous losses to divisional opponents, the latter on Thursday night against an underwhelming Jaguars team that started rookie Gardner Minshew at QB, the Titans team that put over 40 points on the Cleveland Browns in Week 1 is unrecognizable.

The Titans were just awful against Jacksonville. The 20-7 final score is not indicative of just how one-sided the game was. Now, head coach Mike Vrabel has an uphill battle to get this team back where they want to be.

If he can’t, the team will continue their backslide.

The Titans’ problems aren’t going to be fixed with some film study or a rousing locker room speech. They seem to be running deep within the makeup of the team.

That’s why it’s time for Vrabel to take some action.

Whether it’s a lineup decision, something to do with personnel or anything else, Vrabel needs to do something quickly to get the Titans back on track. As the head coach, he’s supposed to have answers.

On Thursday night, the Titans were bad at just about everything. The offensive line couldn’t pass protect, playcalling was underwhelming on both sides of the ball, the Titans’ defensive backs struggled against a subpar Jaguars receiving corps and QB Marcus Mariota had a second straight bad game.

Yes, the protection for Mariota was not great toward the end of the game. But in the first three quarters, the problems that he showed last week against the Colts were still present.

He held onto the ball too long on numerous occasions and missed a handful of open receivers. Of the nine sacks he took, a majority were his fault.

On the other side of the ball, the Titans defense couldn’t get near Minshew, who was not sacked in the game despite that the Jaguars have one of the NFL’s least talented offensive lines.

If the Titans ignore their problems and take a nonchalant “we’ve got to execute better” approach, they won’t get any better. That’s what the 2014 Titans did.

It’s time for Vrabel to put up or shut up.

The Titans no longer need to go from good to great. Now, they need to go from bad to good.

How their head coach handles this situation will go a long way to deciding whether they get back on track.

Cover image: Reinhold Matay/USA Today

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