Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel might come from “The Patriot Way”, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be a carbon copy of Bill Belichick.

In fact, their personalities are quite different, something that shined through in a recent podcast appearance.

Vrabel was recently a guest on the “Official Titans Podcast” and despite coming across as brash during his meetings with the media, he was quite refreshing and candid.

There were a couple of things in particular that stuck out to me.

Vrabel called questions about his playing career “lazy”. He said he hated discussing it, simply because it won’t help the Titans win a game.

This is actually Vrabel practicing what he preaches. He told his team that his Tennessee’s reputation needs to be about what the Titans are doing, not what they’ve done. So it makes sense that Vrabel applies that same principle to discussing his playing career.

Except for one small thing — Vrabel has no problem talking about his 12 career touchdown receptions. He jokingly had no issues talking about that part of his NFL career.

Vrabel was also asked about his favorite movie. I was bracing myself for his answer to be “Die Hard” or some other action movie. But Vrabel, surprisingly, went with “Wedding Crashers”, which proves he has a pretty good sense of humor. He said he watches the first hour of the flick and laughs “hysterically”.

Overall, I thought the podcast gave a great inside look at Vrabel as more than a former Patriots linebacker or football coach. I’d certainly recommend giving it a listen.

Featured image via NY Daily News

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