Based on how the 2018 season has gone so far, the Tennessee Titans are absolutely in danger of a “letdown game” against the New York Giants on Sunday.

The Titans were riding high earlier this season after winning three straight games in September. But that three game winning streak was followed by a three game losing streak, which included embarrassing losses to the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens.

Tennessee recovered from that three game losing streak with impressive back-to-back wins against the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots.

Naturally, the Titans lost their next two games in blowout fashion. They lost by 28 to the Indianapolis Colts and by 17 to the Houston Texans.

But as they’ve done all season long, the Titans got their act together and proceeded to reel off two impressive wins, against the New York Jets (a game they looked destined to lose) and against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Because of how the season has unfolded, it’s understandable why folks are debating which Titans team will show up on the road against the Giants.

While I think it’s important for the Titans to guard against a “letdown”, I do think they can focus a bit too much on it.

When the talk in the locker room is constantly “let’s not have a letdown”, it’s easy for a lot of unneeded pressure to be put on the team.

It’s one thing for a team to be aware of not letting their guard down. It’s another thing to make “not having a letdown” bigger than the actual game.

Tennessee’s focus this week needs to be solely on executing their offensive game plan and stopping the Giants and Saquon Barkley.

They don’t need to bring their own demons — earlier letdowns this season — into the equation. Leave those losses in the past. They happened. There’s no going back and changing it.

If the Titans keep their focus on the Giants this week, they should leave New York with a win.

But if they focus on what went wrong earlier this season, they’ll be doomed to repeat the past.

So which Titans team will we see on Sunday? The team that can’t move past their mistakes, or the team that finally learned their lesson?

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