It is no secret the Tennessee Titans need a pass rusher. It is the biggest weakness on General Manager Jon Robinson’s to-do list.

It happens that the most popular pass rusher that could hit the market is Matt Judon. Judon is a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, and the recent bitterness between the Ravens and Titans makes him a naturally disliked man in Nashville.

The Ravens and Titans rivalry runs deep. It goes back to the Eddie George versus Ray Lewis days. These two teams used to share the same division, so deep inside both franchises’ roots is natural hate.

Recently, Judon appeared on CBS Sports Network and spoke out about the Ravens stomping on the Titans’ logo.

During the talk, Judon called the Tennessee Titans some “bad winners” and said the Titans had it coming. He mentioned the Titans wanted to win press conferences, the media, and the Titans wanted to put the Ravens players down in the process.

But when it came to potentially signing with the Titans, he did not deny the idea. Although he did drop his head and say he’ll “leave it up to his guys.”

Should those statements alone make Tennessee Titans’ Jon Robinson hesitant on bringing him to the team? After all, if he thinks the Titans are “bad winners,” isn’t he questioning the locker room culture?

Although this statement may cause Titans fans to shun him away from Nashville, it’s unlikely this will cause Robinson to think twice. When it comes to the front office, signing the former players of rivals is never off the table.

Besides, the Titans need to address the pass rush, and they can’t afford to be that picky. Judon’s 34.5 sacks and 236 combined tackles over his career suggest he deserves consideration if he hits free agency.

Judon may decide he doesn’t want to be a part of a team with an undesirable culture he believes to exist and signs elsewhere. You can’t ignore the fact that the hate between these two teams is real.

But when you think about when guys like Derrick Mason and Steve McNair signed with the Ravens back when they left Tennessee, you are reminded that if the money talks, it talks.

Judon was right. When the Tennessee Titans beat the Ravens, they played the media game. Queue up Tajae Sharpes “woo-woo, big truss” reenactment.

So, Judon played the media game back when he appeared on the show with Adam Schein weeks after the Ravens finally beat the Titans.

However, the bottom line is simple, Jon Robinson will put aside feelings for business. He will make a competitive offer for Judon. And if Judon wants to win, he will be in Tennessee Titans colors next season.

Featured image by Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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