The Tennessee Titans won’t be pursuing free agent defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh, according to a report from Paul Kuharsky.

Suh isn’t viewed as a fit according to Kuharsky’s report.

While I think a player of Suh’s caliber would be a fit for most teams in the NFL, I don’t disagree with Tennessee’s decision to pass on the five-time Pro-Bowler.

On the surface, Suh seems like a player the Titans should add. First round pick Jeffery Simmons likely won’t contribute much as a rookie (because of his recovery from a torn ACL), which would make signing Suh to a one year deal (like the deal he signed with the Los Angeles Rams last season) a seemingly wise move. A combination of Suh and Jurrell Casey would be lethal.

But roster decisions aren’t made in a vacuum.

According to Spotrac, the Titans have around $26 million in cap space left. That leaves plenty of money to sign Suh, but I think that money could be put to better use.

The Titans have two major extensions they could possibly be handing out in the near future.

Defensive back Kevin Byard should absolutely be extended by the Titans (I think he’ll be extended sooner rather than later). That won’t be a cheap move (nor should it be, he’s worth it).

Tennessee Titans

The other potential extension, obviously, is quarterback Marcus Mariota. There’s been a lot of debate this off-season about whether or not the Titans should extend Mariota. We likely won’t know their plans until the 2019 season nears its conclusion, but if I had to a place a bet right now, I’d wager that Mariota will be playing in Nashville in 2020. Quarterbacks are simply too hard to find.

Tennessee needs to be able to hand out those two extensions and still leave themselves some financial flexibility for other potential signings. Rolling over as much of that cap space as possible is the right move.

While I think Suh would help the Titans in 2019, I think the roster that Jon Robinson has constructed is capable of winning the AFC South without him.

As Kuharsky noted in his report, the Titans finished third in the NFL in points allowed in 2018. Tennessee was pretty good defensively without Suh. So why commit a big chunk of change to a player on a one year deal when that cash could better serve the franchise in other ways?

There’s no doubt that Suh would be fun to watch in a Titans uniform, but it’s not the best move for the team to make.

As usual, JRob is making all the right moves (and non moves).

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