There’s been a lot of discussion over the last week about the NFL possibly moving to an 18 game regular season schedule.

The Washington Post reported last week that several owners are pushing to expand the regular season to 18 games. This is something that couldn’t happen until a new CBA is put in place (the current CBA is set to expire in two years).

On Tuesday, Tennessee Titans defensive back Logan Ryan was candid when asked about the possibility of the NFL moving to an 18 game regular season schedule.

Ryan didn’t seem to have an issue with the number of games that would be played. However, he did have an issue with pay. Ryan believes (rightfully so) that players should be compensated, somehow, for the two extra regular season games.

If the NFL were to adopt an 18 game regular season schedule, the current four game preseason would likely be shrunk to two or three games. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently suggested that four preseason games aren’t necessary for coaches to evaluate talent.

Those comments were likely made by Goodell with an expanded regular season in mind. While preseason games obviously don’t bring in the same amount of revenue as regular season games, it’s still revenue. And the NFL owners aren’t going to give up revenue for any reason.

If the preseason is reduced to two games, then you’ll still have NFL players playing 20 total games. But we all know that regular season games are much more intense/physically demanding than pre-season games. Ryan is absolutely right that players should be fairly compensated for those extra games.

I would be surprised if the NFL doesn’t eventually move to 18 regular season games. There’s money to be made and the NFL rarely leaves money on the table.

Even with a raise to players (not sure how that would work with players under contract), the NFL would still be baling money because of those two extra season games.

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