The Tennessee Titans officially released wide receiver Rishard Matthews on Thursday after news of his departure from the team broke on on Wednesday night.

Matthews’ former teammates reacted to the news on Thursday before practice and I thought they showed us that Tennessee’s locker room is unified and strong.

That’s a professional team that’s focused on winning. There’s obviously no animosity toward Matthews. That’s because Tennessee’s players understand the NFL is a business and Matthews had to make a decision that he felt was best for him.

There’s clearly no animosity or discord in the Titans locker room when it comes to the Matthews situation. I honestly don’t think the other 52 guys on the team could’ve handled the situation any better.

And trust me, the Pittsburgh Steelers showed us earlier this season that personnel issues aren’t always handled with grace and class.

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has obviously done a nice job of keeping his players focused on their common goal — winning as many games as possible.

While losing Matthews isn’t ideal for the Titans, it’s abundantly clear that Tennessee’s locker room is in a great place moving forward.

Featured image via AP

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