Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson has quickly become a fan favorite for the way he’s aggressively improved the franchise’s roster since arriving in Nashville in early 2016.

While Robinson is far from perfect (he’s had a few missteps, most notably drafting Kevin Dodd in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft), he’s made a lot of decisions that, simply put, make sense.

Trading for an above-average quarterback in Ryan Tannehill to serve as Marcus Mariota’s backup, signing wide receiver Adam Humphries, bringing Kenny Vaccaro back, and releasing Johnathan Cyprien were all moves fans wanted to see happen — because they made sense. But just because a move seems obvious, doesn’t mean it’s always made by NFL general managers. There are plenty of fan bases who grow frustrated because of general managers who sit on their hands and elect to pass on the “obvious” moves.

But not Robinson. He caress about his players, but he cares about winning more.

Robinson makes moves only if they’ll make the Titans a better team. They’re not made because Robinson is holding on to a player due to sentimental value.

And that’s why wide receivers Taywan Taylor and Tajae Sharpe should probably be on the edge of their seat right now.

Tennessee Titans

Robinson acknowledged to Titans Online, during the NFL owners meetings, that he likes the wide receivers Tennessee currently has on the roster. But he also knows they have to step up in 2019, saying “At some point you have to step up, and we’ve shown signs of that last year certainly. But we’ll see how it goes.”

That last line, “but we’ll see how it goes”, says a lot about how Robinson views the wide receivers.

Obviously he believes in their abilities. And he knows they’re capable of having breakout seasons. But Robinson isn’t assuming that’s what will happen.

In fact, the Titans general manager is open to adding another wide receiver to the roster, telling Titans Online “If we can add another guy who can create some competition in there, get open and catch, we’ll certainly take a look at it”.

It sounds like Robinson is hopeful that Sharpe and Taylor will step up in 2019. However, he’s not banking on it and he’s already making contingency plans to address the position if the Titans fail to get the production they need from their young pass catchers.

We know based on history that Robinson isn’t afraid to cut ties and move on from a player if they don’t help the Titans win.

Sharpe and Taylor have the talent to help Tennessee reach their ultimate goal of a championship. But they’re going to have to put it all together in 2019, or they’ll risk not being part of the Titans’ future.

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