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The start of NFL free agency is an untamable beast. News flies in faster than writers and reporters can cover it, a team’s identity can completely change in a few minutes, and almost everything comes as a complete surprise.

The one questions every fan looks forward to being answered as this period approaches are “How will my team attack free agency?” and “What type of players will my team be interested in?”

Fans of the Tennessee Titans are in luck, as these questions can be easily answered with free agency still nearly a week away. That’s because Titans general manager has established a pattern or precedence with how he chooses to attack free agency.

In each of his two previous offseasons as the Titans’ GM, Jon Robinson has followed the same pattern when choosing which players to bring in. Here’s what the three-step pattern looks like.

How the Tennessee Titans will attack free agency –>

Cover image via USA Today.

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