The Tennessee Titans posted a jersey swap graphic on Monday revealing big free agent acquisition Jadeveon Clowney wearing number 99.


I’ll admit, I am unsure if this is somehow done out of respect from Clowney to former Titan Jurrell Casey, who wore number 99 in Tennessee for nine seasons. But from my perspective, it seems like complete savagery by the Titans.

Jurrell Casey had a pretty remarkable, yet underrated, career in Nashville. He was the definition of a Titan during his time there. Casey was doing a lot of good things on the field and off the field in charity work with his foundation, The Casey Fund.

His experience in Tennessee wasn’t always great, though. From 2011-2015, the Titans were lackluster in talent and sometimes found themselves at the bottom of the league. Yet, Casey signed TWO deals with the team, one in 2014 which was the largest contract on the team at the time, and another one in 2017.

Casey could have easily left the mediocrity in Tennessee at the time, he would have received a lot of attention from top NFL teams. But he expressed his desire to play for the Titans and help them win a championship. He was the “team player” that the Titans love to have in the locker room.

Yet, fresh off an AFC title run, the Tennessee Titans traded Casey to the Denver Broncos to free up cap space. Although Casey showed the loyalty all those years, the Titans reminded us of the old saying, “the NFL is a business.” Casey, however, did not leave without letting people know how he felt.

Casey felt he was thrown away like “trash,” despite all he gave for the Titans, and didn’t hold back any words when explaining that. Then on September 3rd, Casey told Broncos reporters he was definitely going to help give the Broncos tips on how to beat Tennessee.


Obviously we shouldn’t expect him to hold back and say, “Nah that’s my former team, I can’t give you any secrets.” But, it is also obvious that Casey will do everything he can to make sure the Titans regret trading him.

Out of nowhere, though, the Tennessee Titans subliminally clapped back. The Titans used that freed up cap space from trading Casey to sign their biggest offseason acquisition, Jadeveon Clowney.

After making things official by Clowney signing that dotted line, Clowney then chose to rock the number 99. Clowney may not have meant any disrespect to Casey by choosing it, but the Titans not stopping him from choosing the former number of someone General Manager Jon Robinson labeled as a Titan Great is eye-opening.

It didn’t stop there though, they even captioned the photo on Instagram as “New 99.”


Like I said, I am unsure if this is really mind games being played by the Titans, but they definitely knew 99 was Casey’s number. They definitely saw what Casey said about them, and him saying he will give info to the Broncos.

This is the Tennessee Titans’ way of telling Casey they are more than ready for week one, so bring everything you got. Now I’m sure Casey has even more fuel to the fire he will bring on September 14th, but the Titans won’t stand down.

Featured image by Jim Wyatt of the Tennessee Titans
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