Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson has only been in Nashville for a little less than three years, but he’s already positioned himself to be a legend among the Titan faithful.

Robinson, or JRob as he’s affectionally known, took over as the Titans general manager in January, 2016. He took control of a team that was coming off a brutal 3-13 season.

Since early 2016, Robinson has managed to flip the roster and get the Titans back into the playoffs. He was able to do this by making great draft day choices (minus the Kevin Dodd selection in 2016) and signing veterans that fit into his vision for the organization.

It seems like every move Robinson makes is pure gold. While I know that certainly isn’t the case (everyone make a mistake or two), his selection of edge rusher Harold Landry in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft is making him look like a genius.

Landry has done nothing but impress so far during training camp. Titans Online senior writer Jim Wyatt said this week that Landry looked like he was “shot out of a cannon”.

Check out some of the other praise for Landry that’s come out of training camp.

Landry is benefiting from the absence of fellow edge rusher Brian Orakpo, who has been missing practice due to a shoulder injury. The first team reps that Landry is receiving should prove to be invaluable for the young rookie.

And the good news for the Titans is that when Orakpo returns, it will only make Tennessee’s pass rush that much better. It will also take some pressure off Landry (not that it seems to be bothering him).

Landry has the potential to be a star for the Titans. It’s completely ridiculous that Robinson was able to get him in the second round.

But that’s what JRob does. He makes savvy moves that no one else thinks to make.

By the way, I’m totally on board with referring to Landry sacks as “being put on the Honor Roll”.

Might as well get as much mileage out of Vince Young’s screw up as we can.

Featured image via USA Today

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