NASHVILLE — Bizarre times in our lives have yet to quench NFL fans’ thirst for knowledge. My DMs were open and you all were quick to violate them with all manner of Clowney, contract and mock draft inquiries.

So, we turned it into a mailbag.

The Tennessee Titans’ free agency caused a stir more for what they gave away than which new player’s services they have recently acquired. While pieces continue to fall into place, the core of the team’s offense seems to be (mostly) in tact.

Our Titans mailbag exists only as the result of a cruel joke. Naturally, this will now be a monthly occurrence in these tedious times.

Let’s see what blessings you all have dropped into my digital mailbox…

From @daveytshep
  • Why in the world would anyone pay Clowney the a mount of money he’s looking into. Why should their be a $15m+ market for an edge rusher who can’t get home?

As of Sunday afternoon, Tennessee sounds just about out on Jadeveon Clowney. The former first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft looked like he might have decent leverage at the top of the market for his position but that seems to have dried up, per Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk. Asking for $5M more than the cost of a franchise tag seems to have soured teams on him.

Nashville seemed like a reasonable landing spot because of his familiarity with coach Mike Vrabel. That interest seems to have dwindled from the Titans and almost everyone else.

From @Devonrealtweets
  • We both doubt they’re not going to sign clowney correct? Damn that was such a lame ass question hold on I’ll come up with something better

    Sep 22, 2019; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney (90) during the first half at CenturyLink Field. New Orleans defeated Seattle 33-27. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports.

Spoiler alert: Devon did not come up with something better.

From @shrike113
  • Who do you think the next IR “is he coming back” player will be for the Titans this season?

In the never ending saga of “Will Malcolm Butler come of IR” questions that poisoned my mentions this past postseason, it begs asking which player you all plan to irritate for no particular reason. Since the Butler onslaught began, Malcolm and I have not yet had the opportunity to address why the hell people continue to bombard his mentions with fake questions about his injury status.

We cannot predict who is next. No one likes rooting for injuries.

From @CoachMackey25
  • First off, I really enjoy your material. I will admit, sometimes my bias gets in the way of good reporting, but I do respect how you are able to cover the Titans from an unbiased standpoint, shooting us straight when it matters. Second, and I am assuming you’re getting this question a lot today, what’s the next move? Casey traded has to lead to something a little bigger right? Don’t think they’d resign Ryan do you? Or do you think we’re actually waiting on Clowney?

Corner Logan Ryan is unlikely to return. Ian Rapoport reported that the veteran does not wish to make less than the $10M he earned in 2019 and that seems to be more than general manager Jon Robinson wants to shill out. With chances of Clowney’s coming fading fast, the options for Tennessee are still plenty. Top end talent and a name that you recognize are all that Clowney represent.

Markus Golden, Pernell McPhee and Derek Wolfe all provide intrigue within Vrabel’s defensive scheme. Spending the money made available through the Jurrell Casey trade on a back-up quarterback and defensive depth are not bad options.

From @AdamBomb1987
  • Hey man hope all is good. How early do you think they’ll address WR in the draft?

The strength of this coming Draft’s prospects appear to be at wide out. With the players they already have under contract and no real dire need, I would be surprised to see them take one before Day 3. Opportunity, though, often arises. If there is a value similar to the situation they found themselves with A.J. Brown in the second or third round, Robinson has a history of taking advantage.

From @Titansfanryan
  • I’m sorry it’s a Malcolm Butler question. Do you think he gets traded to clear cap room?

    Oct 20, 2019; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans cornerback Malcolm Butler (21) gets a pass interference in the end zone call as he attempts to break up a pass intended for Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams (81) during the second half at Nissan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There is almost no chance that Butler is dealt this offseason. With both Ryan and LeShaun Sims on the open market, there are too many holes at what was a position of strength.

From @FWordsPod
  • heyyyyyyyy. u up?

For literally anyone but you.

From @Kim_ASmith
  • you signed your name at the end of your own tweet?

This one needs a degree of explanation.

Austin Stanley of AtoZ Sports mornings (Weekdays, 8am CT) ruined the the majority of my week with a well-played prank. Selecting the Magic Bucket punishment for me of allowing your co-host to tweet one thing from your personal is the whole reason we find ourselves in this mess.

So, my DMs were flooded and Austin signed off with my name because no one would dare question that I would be self-involved enough to actually do something like that. The real ones can smell a fraud, though. 💅

From @CoryCurtis2
  • Would you rather sign Blaine Gabbert again or eat nothing but hot dogs for a month

Our friend Cory Curtis of WKRN excels at Twitter trolling. I would opt for Gabbert for a number of reasons:

  1. Hot dogs are disgusting. There are so many better options of bad food to sabotage my body with that do not involve whatever spare animal parts have been ground into sausage casings for our consumption.
  2. Gabbert struggled to find success in limited appearances as Tennessee’s back-up behind Marcus Mariota but there are far worse options that have ridden the Titans’ pine.
  3. Blaine was always enjoyable to talk with in the locker room and has a strong Instagram game. At least there is entertainment value.
From @lucassicard2
  • Are we going to trade Henry to Washington to get chase young then draft Jonathan Taylor at 29!?

Um, no, Lucas. You are not going to do any of that.

From @ECFAN1
  • Will the @Titans sign @_willcompton in free agency ?? #hesaidaskstupidquestions lol

    Dec 22, 2019; Carson, California, USA; Oakland Raiders inside linebacker Will Compton (51) celebrates in the first half against the Los Angeles Chargers at Dignity Health Sports Park. The Raiders defeated the Chargers 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports.

Honestly, this is not all that stupid of a question. Will Compton spent one year with Tennessee and now they cannot seem to get him to leave. The part-time podcaster likely would have latched on with the New Orleans Saints during the 2019 preseason had he not gotten hurt making a tackle for loss. While the Titans would not offer much in the way of opportunity to play, both Wesley Woodyard and Daren Bates are currently unrestricted free agents and Vrabel values knowledge of system as much as he does anything.

A return of The Boy, though, seems highly unlikely.

From @ChrisPoor615
  • Take a shot for every Malcolm Butler IR question

The number of Butler-IR questions I received is currently at 35. I am a tequila drinker by trade and, while I will be looking for entertainment opportunities while under quarantine, 35 shots of Don Julio probably ends me.

From @BillyGoat2798
  • Casey for 237 yet Buckner for 13. Sorry but I’m not seeing the sense in that

Many of you are salty about the Robinson dealing Casey to the Denver Broncos for a seventh round pick and a salary dump after all he has done for your franchise. Buckner, though, is among the best defensive tackles in the sport right now and gives the Indianapolis Colts a security measure against running back Derrick Henry. For San Francisco, it is a fantastic deal. They invested first round picks along the defensive line for several years, found a player they could invest in Arik Armstead while snagging the 13th overall pick for Buckner before the bill came do on him.

Casey showed up big for the Titans in the postseason but his powers and durability have been on the decline for two seasons now. His contract was going to age poorly and not it is almost entirely off of Tennessee’s books.

From @EliasOr00561715
  • Hey Buck, do you think we can get AB ? We need some playmakers

What are A.J. Brown and Derrick Henry if not a playmakers? The whole marketing plan appears to be “Run It Back” and their re-signings on offense would indicate exactly that. Antonio Brown may still be able to play wide receiver at a high level but, until he gets the mental help he so clearly seems to need, his presence would only serve as a poison.

The locker room needs leadership in the absence of Casey, Ryan, Delanie Walker, (likely) Wesley Woodyard and Marcus Mariota. Do you really think Brown is the person to fill that void?

From @MyPeepShowPod
  • Were The Naked Gun movies based on real life crimes?

I had to Google what The Naked Gun movies were. Nudity in the title and the question being asked by a handle with “Peep Show” in it led me to believe that this was likely a PornHub title, so, work computers were avoided. The first of these movies was made in 1988. I was born in 1993.

From @lVlaLcOlVl
  • Bucky hows or comp picks likely to pan out after losing conk and mm8?  Also need to know if butler coming off ir anytime soon 😆

You lose your question-asking privileges for referring to me as “Bucky.”

From @b_hibbs
  • Buck, how do you have the voice of an angel?

Years of smoke and hard liquor appear to have had a soothing effect on the sounds my vocal cords make. One could say that I am…chemically enhanced.

From @TheRealPres10

  • Any word on Daren Bates or Austin Johnson potentially being brought back?

Quiet on both fronts, to this point on two unrestricted free agents that the Titans let hit the market. Johnson felt like a long-shot to return but may be worth a flier on a one-year deal if the price is right. After the Casey trade, Tennessee’s defensive linemen are Da’Quan Jones, Jefferey Simmons, Matt Dickerson and Isaiah Mack. Johnson may be worth it just to have another body in the mix.

Bates’ garners legitimate respect from both the locker room and his coaching staff as a special teams captain and hype man. Unfortunately, the presence of sixth-round pick David Long, Jr. and the cost effectiveness of another draft pick likely see Bates as the odd man out.

From @titans261940
  • What will Jamies have to pay to come play for the Titans

Jameis should be required to pay at least $15M to play for another professional franchise. We will give him the benefit of the doubt after getting Lasik to repair his vision, but $1M for every two interceptions he threw in 2019 probably leans on the side of generosity.

The cost of poor field position he insists on putting his defense in.

From @BreadmanJeremy
  • Clowny or XRhodes as the next big free agent signing for the Titans? I personally would love to sign Rhodes, he is one of the best corners in the game! Thoughts?
Feb 25, 2020; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel speaks to the media during the NFL Combine at the Indiana Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports.

I have already answered the Clowney questions but this one warranted inclusion for one sole purpose. Jeremy asked a question and then proceeded to set fire to mentions with over 26 responses to another lost Twitter soul who he struck up a debate with, including the line, “Name me your Top 5 corners.”

Jeremy, I say this out of love: I respect your passion for offseason sports conversation but, for the love of all things holy, un-tag your boy next time and save a life. The last thing I want is to be looped in on a Twitter conversation that goes in circles, defies both reason and logic and is riddled with countless misspellings.

I am always grateful for your all’s willingness to interact with me. Next time, let us practice a little social media etiquette.

From @lyte_flint
  • Buck who is the best/worst Titan you’ve covered? Use examples to explain your work

Punter Brett Kern has my heart when it comes to the best Titan to cover. I was completely unqualified to be covering the NFL when I was dropped into that locker room at the age of 22 and had zero experience as a legitimate media member. Fear and discomfort held me back from striking up conversation with the professional athletes for a full three days before Kern approached me and asked me if I needed someone to talk to.

There is zero excuse for how unprepared I was to do this job when I first landed in Nashville but Kern’s kindness is something I will appreciate for a lifetime.

Worst-wise, Eric Decker left me thoroughly unimpressed. Disinterest in talking to the media is one thing but disrespect is entirely another. Even when we would approach him with softball questions about charitable organizations and causes he was involved with to try and break the ice, Decker dismissed us almost entirely.

I get that we can be annoying when we are allowed access to the players’ safe space for 45 minutes, three days a week during the season. But, maybe, just try to not be a jerk?

From @TexasSports1015
  • If forced to pick who is your favorite QB draft prospect among these 3 for the Titans? Jacob Eason, Jordan Love or Jalen Hurts. Thank you Magic Bucket

    Feb 27, 2020; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Jalen Hurts (QB08) throws a pass during the 2020 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports.

As long as I am not forced to do a mock draft (such a mindless, useless exercise), give me Mr. Hurts. Leadership and a championship resumé catch your eye. Versatility in a league that is trending towards less conventional quarterback play entices me.

From @Darren0449
  • Hey Buck,  have you ever killed a Buck?

No, nature is yucky.

Give me a mani-pedi over a deer stand any day of the week. One day, I will feel shame for my complete lack of manliness. I cannot help but think there are better uses of four hours early in the morning than sitting in a tree, drenched in sweat, fear and doe urine. Who willingly signs up for that?

From @TheLastBurn
  • A lot of #QuarentineLife thoughts but one that just popped into my head from awhile ago is “Why is @BuckReising not verified yet?”

I’ll forgive the misspelling of quarantine because you’re advocating for my verification. It it truly the greatest crime of all.

From @PaulKuharskyNFL
  • rank the press covering the titans, fully calling out the terrible.

Our dear friend Paul is a troll and recently celebrated how much people hate him as an explanation for what makes him a good reporter. I hope that will not upset him if it costs him in the rankings. I have excluded myself for the purposes of fairness and have focused on outlets as opposed to individuals to not completely rub my colleagues the wrong way.

These are my personal rankings and are skewed by how much I, personally, get out of their coverage.

  1. Turron Davenport – I learn more about football from the OG than anyone and I think his ability to talk Xs & Os helps get better material out of the players. I learn more about football from reading, watching and listening to TD and am better at my job for it.
  2. Paul Kuharsky – The Chief’s willingness to ask questions most people are unwilling to can sour a press conference but he represents the closest thing to a true blue journalist.
  3. Jim Wyatt – Jimmy probably wins if he isn’t employed by the team. I only know this version of him and to witness his tenure as the best reporter the Tennessean had to offer was something that preceded my time here.
  4. Teresa Walker – She gets the first question each time and misses practice only because she is required to cover damn near every team in the state. High motor is her strength.
  5. The Athletic – John Glennon and Joe Rexrode behave like an old married couple so we shall treat them like one. Technology is their crutch but long form story-telling and numbers deep dives both inform and entertain. Well worth the subscription, just do not expect them to be able to access their emails with ease.
  6. Mike Miracles – I am prepared to admit that Mike is much better at my job than I am, he just happens to work for a fan site, rather than traditional media. Few people care more about getting it right, though, and being thorough in their research. Mike deserves a media credential just as much as any of us.
  7. 104.5 The Zone – Listening to more sports talk is something that I try to avoid for no other reason than piece of mind and an escape. But, the Titans radio networks gets some of the best Titans-related interviews and insights for which I am truly appreciative.
  8. David Boclair – Bo writes some of the most compelling stories in Titans media but I am a being that thrives on social media rather than seeking out SI’s website. The match he consistently keeps in his mouth is exceptional and should probably have him leap frog doddering Rexrode and Glennon.
  9. WKRN – Titans preseason right and access give them the nod in these standings. Plus, I am biased because Cory Curtis was the first person dumb enough to give me my first crack at TV
  10. NewsChannel 5 – The combination of Steve Layman and Jon Burton might be my favorite in local TV. Layman’s fashion sense and taste in fine foods should probably have them square with our friends at Channel 2.
  11. The Tennessean – Grading on a curve here because Erik Bacharach is responsible for the single best Titans investigative reporting in 2020. He is a dear friend and great writer, I’m just 26 and honestly have forgotten what a newspaper looks like.
  12. – Terry McCormick breaks transaction news when we least expect it and faces a difficult task as a one man band who also picked up a daily radio show that makes it more difficult to make it to daily availability. It should be noted, though, that Terry broke, to this point, more free agency news than any of us and is a must-follow come undrafted free agent season.
  13. FOX 17 – Tatum Everrett works as hard as anyone and is often a one-woman camera crew. That is far more responsibility than one person should have to bear. All love for my man Dave Foster who often gives me my college basketball talk fix every time we meet.
  14. WSMV – There probably is not anything I can say to try and convince my friends Chris Harris and Justin Beasley that this is nothing personal. I’d be lying, though, if I said I paid as much attention without Big Joe there to do sports and that I am faulting both of them for some absolutely ridiculous takes Justin has sent out into the Twitterverse. Victims here of circumstance. All love boys. I hope you will take this with the light-heartedness that it is intended.

Let it be noted that any rancor this causes is, as usual, all Kuharsky’s fault.

From @houstonmenser
  • If JRob was dumping Casey…why did he not lock up Conklin?
Sep 16, 2018; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Jack Conklin (left) and Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan (right) look on during warmups before the game against the Houston Texans at Nissan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports.

The money was never going to go to Jack Conklin, Re-litigating Robinson’s decision to decline the tackle’s fifth-year option coming off of two years plagued by injury is a lazy one and it fails to acknowledge just how much more he costs compared to Dennis Kelly.

Conklin is scheduled to make $20M with Cleveland this coming season as recompense for a shorter deal worth $14M annually. Kelly, on the other hand, sports a cap hit of only $3.5M this year and showed enough on tape during stints at both bookends to think the drop off will not be as severe as the inflation in money between the two.

From @SpamHammer27
  • F**k/marry/kill @FWordsPod @BussinWTB @TitansMCM Go.
  1. F**k: Music City Miracles…they feel like they’d be a fun fling.
  2. Kill: Football & Other F Words…the annoyance they have caused me over the past five years is not something I would trade for the world but is also worth of corporal punishment.
  3. Marry: Bussin’ With The Boys…that Barstool money makes them a sugar daddy.
From @denvermade23
  • My biggest question is just how do you actually get into sports media? Appreciate it buck I know your gonna get killed with these

I get asked this a lot and I wish I had a better answer for it. Both my parents spent 35+ years in global politics and Middle Eastern affairs, respectively. The plan for me was to pursue a similar path in college.

So many people kept giving me hell about the way my voice sounded that I started doing a sports show on student radio with two of my friends that asked me to join them half-way through my Junior Year at Indiana. I had zero interest in sports that were not college basketball related but sports talk took almost no brain power and I can yap for hours about nothing in particular, anyway.

Perfect fit.

I got a job offer down here, worked overnights at a radio station for the better part of a year and created the bulk of their Titans-specific content because they did not have anyone covering the team. It presented a unique opportunity to make my first job covering one of 32 NFL teams. I made football became my life, pushed back on superiors that attempted to deter me because I knew that I was right and tried to hone my expertise over these last five years in Nashville and it payed off.

I would not trade it for the world and I am about as lucky as they come. There are no set paths to jobs like these and AtoZ Sports has given me the greatest opportunity of all. Find a lane that no one is covering, make yourself the authority on it and get on as many different platforms as possible.

Be so good at whatever it is you choose to where they cannot tell you “no.”

From @DaltonLeeRo
  • Are you for the boys?


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