NASHVILLE Tennessee Titans outside linebacker Vic Beasley has yet to report for training camp as of Thursday morning. Enough time had passed that GM Jon Robinson felt compelled to make a statement on the matter through the team’s PR.

“On Tuesday July 28th, we placed Vic Beasley on the Reserve-Did Not Report list,” Robinson’s statement read. “I have been in contact with Vic, he is not here, he understands his absence is unexcused, and he told me he will be reporting to camp in the near future.  Our current focus is on the players that are here now, getting everyone acclimated to the protocols, our building, and our football program.  We will have the same acclimation process with Vic when he reports.”

I spoke with Michael Ginnitti, managing editor at, to get a better idea of what Beasley’s situation means for Tennessee’s 2020 salary cap.

Financial Implications

The free agent contract Robinson signed Beasley to breaks down like so, per

“1 year, $9,500,000 in total value, including a $6,000,000 signing bonus, $9,500,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $9,500,000. In 2020, Beasley will earn a base salary of $1,500,000, a signing bonus of $6,000,000 and a roster bonus of $2,000,000, while carrying a cap hit of $9,500,000 and a dead cap value of $9,500,000.”

When Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan was suspended for the first four games of the 2019 season, the team was able to recoup a portion of his signing bonus. The same concept applies to Beasley’s $6M. Because of the time it takes to arbitrate such transactions and Tennessee has already paid out that sum, though, the $6M counts against the team’s 2020 salary cap no matter what. If the Titans were able to recover Beasley’s signing bonus, the 2021 salary cap would be the one that is adjusted to account for it.

Now, for the matter of Beasley’s $2M roster bonus.

The league defines roster bonuses as compensation earned by remaining on a team’s roster on a certain date. These sums can count in full against the salary cap in the season in which they are earned, unless fully guaranteed at signing.

“That bonus was converted into guaranteed salary,” Ginnitti told me. “So, it’s just the $6M signing bonus in question…he can opt out today, get the $150,000 (three $50K fines for not reporting to camp) back as a stipend and keep his signing bonus. Not likely, though. Weird situation.”

First impressions are everything, they say.  Beasely’s has been decidedly lackluster.
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