Last week, I suggested that the Tennessee Titans would finally receive some respect if they beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

I was wrong.

The Titans beat the Eagles in a thrilling overtime victory, but it wasn’t enough to gain any respect from the national media.

ESPN released their latest NFL power rankings on Monday. While the Titans climbed eight spots, they’re still nowhere close to where they should be.

The Titans came in at No. 12.

What a complete joke.

The Titans are 3-1 with wins over two of ESPN’s top six teams. The Carolina Panthers, the team right above the Titans, are 2-1 with one win over one of ESPN’s top ten teams (the Cincinnati Bengals). In what world does it make any sense for the Titans to be below them?!?!

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Titans slide down the rankings if they beat the Buffalo Bills this weekend.

It has to be frustrating for Titans fans to see their team doing better than expected, yet not receive any recognition for it.

But here’s the good news — none of this actually matters. It doesn’t matter what ESPN thinks. Clearly their power rankings are a joke, because they appear to be based more on what teams have done in past seasons instead of what they’ve done so far this season.

All that really matters is the outcome of Tennessee’s games. And right now, they’ve won three in a row.

At the end of the day, the Titans are winning where it counts. And that should be more than enough for fans.

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