With the Tennessee Titans gearing up for the 2020 NFL season, a question looms on the specifics of fan attendance in Nissan Stadium.

The NFL gave freedom to each franchise on fan attendance. Some teams including The Las Vegas Raiders and New York Jets have already announced no fans will be allowed to attend, while others have said there will be limited seating available.

For the Titans, however, everything is still up in the air. And the season is about a month away.

What Titans fans do know is Nissan Stadium will be enforcing social distancing and making sure sanitization is a top priority. Fans must also be wearing masks.

As of now, an unknown number of fans will be allowed to enjoy Titans football in the stadium.

Individual tickets and new season tickets are not going to be sold. If any individual tickets were sold previously, they were canceled and fans were given refunds. Only a certain amount of current season ticket holders will be allowed into the games. Or, these holders opted out of the 2020 season and got a refund for next season.

Currently in Davidson County, there are a total of 23,191 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There have been 213 deaths, and around 19,000 have recovered.

Mayor John Cooper sent out an order on July 28 announcing all bars in Nashville to close down, and all restaurants that serve alcohol must be closed by 10 p.m.. This order has been extended until mid-August.

Nashville is currently on “Roadmap to Reopening,” and it has been in Phase 2 since July 3 with no intention on moving forward until the number of cases go down.

Roadmap to Reopening Nashville
Image via asafenashville.org

Titans writer Paul Kuharsky received a response from Mayor Cooper’s office regarding Nissan Stadium allowing Titans’ fans into games, saying the mayor’s office cannot waive their public health principles for NFL games.

Personally, I don’t think having fans attending the games is a good idea. I understand fans will be unhappy with my argument, but for the health and safety of everyone, I feel as though Nissan Stadium should not allow fans inside.

No matter what capacity is able to go in, there is no way to safely ensure everyone is social distancing or following protocols. It would be chaos. Keeping people safe will be key, but that won’t be possible if a large number of people will be inside.

Let’s do some math. Nissan Stadium’s max capacity is 69,143. That’s a pretty big number. If the Titans say they’re allowing a 25 percent capacity, that’s 17,285 fans, as Kuharsky reported.

You want to try and make people follow social distancing rules at that amount?

I say 25 percent because that’s the amount First Horizon Park would have mandated if the Sounds were still going to play. Yes, First Horizon is smaller, but 25 percent of their max capacity is 2,500. It’s still a big chunk of people. Take 2,500 and multiply it by seven.

Pretty huge, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that the franchise is working diligently to bring fans in, and I know everyone wants everything to go back to normal. However, the coronavirus is still rampant in Davidson County. I truly believe it would be best not to allow fans in.

The Titans first game is on September 14 against the Denver Broncos, and the first home opener at Nissan Stadium is September 20 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

For the time being, the only thing fans can do is stay home and try to stay healthy. If the Titans do make the decision to have no fans, then at least everyone can be safe and watch at home. Then there won’t be 17,284 other people you have to worry about.

Featured image via Christopher Hanewinckel – USA Today Sports

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