Baltimore Ravens defensive back Earl Thomas probably didn’t mean to take a shot at Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill, but that’s certainly how it came across.

Thomas was asked on Tuesday about stopping the Titans’ offense. The seven time Pro-Bowler correctly acknowledged that stopping Derrick Henry and the Titans’ running game would be key.

But then he took it a step further by suggesting that if Tannehill is throwing the ball it wouldn’t be good for the Titans.

I think what he’s getting at here is that Henry is the key to the Titans’ offense right now. Henry rushed for 182 yards against the Patriots, while Tannehill tossed for only 72 yards.

But it would be silly to suggest that Tennessee can’t win the game with Tannehill’s arm if needed. Tannehill had big games in several of the Titans’ wins this season, throwing for nearly 400 yards in Tennessee’s week 14 win against the Raiders and 312 yards in the week seven win against the Chargers.

Pounding the rock with Henry should definitely be the Titans’ offensive approach, but the Tannehill/AJ Brown combination is very capable of doing damage against the Ravens’ defense.

Tannehill, by the way, wasn’t the only person Thomas threw some shade at on Tuesday. He also suggested that New England wasn’t interested in tackling Henry in their loss to the Titans.

It’s hard to argue with him there…or the Patriots. I wouldn’t want to attempt to tackle Derrick Henry, either.

Featured image via David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
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