The 2019 NFL Draft is officially in the books, which means it’s time check out how various media outlets graded the Tennessee Titans’ haul.

Most analysts/outlets gave the Titans a solid grade for their new additions.

Pro Football Focus rated Tennessee’s draft haul as “excellent”, saying the Titans “quietly snagged one of the best players in the 2019 NFL Draft” by selecting Mississippi State defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons. PFF also described Tennessee’s selection of wide receiver AJ Brown in the second round as a “steal”. was also high on Titans’ draft efforts, giving Jon Robinson and company an “A” for each of their selections.

You can add Touchdown Wire, Mel Kiper of ESPN and Andy Benoit of MMQB to the list of analysts who liked what the Titans did in the draft (Touchdown Wire gave them a A, Kiper gave them a B and Benoit gave them a B-).

Other media outlets, however, weren’t as kind to Tennessee.

The Sporting News gave Tennessee a D, while the Miami Herald and the Washington Post each gave the Titans a C.

It’s pretty wild to see such wildly varying grades for the Titans. Some folks seem to be extremely high on the Titans, while others didn’t think Tennessee came out that great.

But I think the reason for the varying grades has more to do with how analysts view the current team, as opposed to the Titans’ actual draft haul.

Sporting News suggested that Tennessee drafted “a little too much for 2020”.

The Washington Post echoed those sentiments by asking whether or not it was wise for the Titans to select a player (Simmons) that is heading for “essentially a redshirt season”.

While I can certainly see how those arguments can hold some truth, I also don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing.

If you’re among those who believe the Titans were a team capable of winning the AFC South before the draft took place, then it’s easy to look at their draft efforts as a success. Essentially, Tennessee wanted to continue to build its roster for the future. After all, the Titans will play football after 2019 and Robinson needed to make sure the franchise was set up for success in the coming years.

Selecting Simmons, and an edge rusher late in the draft (D’Andre Walker), allows the Titans to build on what they already have, while also ensuring future success.

I think the publications/outlets that gave the Titans a bad draft grade probably weren’t looking at the whole picture.

In a vacuum, I can see how some folks would be down on the Titans’ draft. Selecting a player who will potentially miss the whole season in the first round certainly casts a shadow on the rest of the draft.

But if you look at the way Robinson has constructed the roster, specifically with the addition of defensive lineman Brent Urban on a one year contract to fill the spot that Simmons will eventually hold down, then the moves the Titans made in the draft make a lot more sense.

Looking at the big picture, the Titans definitely get an A.

If you look the small picture….well shame on you because that’s absolutely the wrong way to view what the Titans did this past weekend.

Featured image via Brian Spurlock/USA Today

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