Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has vowed, repeatedly, that his team will play fast and tough in 2018.

But don’t expect Vrabel to have guys going at it during OTA’s in May.

The recently hired Titans head coach told reporters last week that he doesn’t want a lot of guys on the ground during OTA’s. He also said he doesn’t want a “whole lot of contact”.

According to The Tennessean, Vrabel’s goals during OTA’s are to improve communication and learn the playbook, while avoiding significant injuries.

However, that doesn’t mean Vrabel plans to take it easy on his team. He still plans to practice fast and aggressive.

Tennessee Titans

It will be interesting to see how Vrabel manages to balance the aggressiveness he wants to see from his team, with the desire to keep players from getting hurt.

As a first time head coach, Vrabel will learn a lot this spring/summer by trial and error. He’ll try some things that might not go so well, and he’ll move on from those things. It’s important for players and fans to be patient with Vrabel as he learns to navigate the sometimes muddy waters of being a NFL head coach.

But at the same time, the expectations are high for the Titans in 2018. This is a team coming off a 9-7 season and a playoff win. Anything less than a playoff appearance this season will come as a disappointment.

Though I’m pretty sure there’s no one with higher expectations for the Titans in 2018 than Vrabel himself.

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