It’s going to take a while to fully figure out what kind of personality Mike Vrabel will have as the Tennessee Titans’ head coach.

We already know he likes to preach toughness and togetherness. But we also know there’s more to the former standout linebacker’s personality than being “tough”.

On Friday, appearing on The Midday 180 in Nashville, Titans tight end Delanie Walker offered a candid assessment of his new head coach.

According to Walker, Vrabel is a “different guy” who is able to quickly go from cracking jokes to being in your face. Walker said he also has no problem putting guys on the spot.

The deeper we get into Vrabel’s run as the Titans’ head coach, the more I feel like he’s a perfect fit in Nashville.

Tennessee, under the leadership of general manager Jon Robinson, has developed a tight family atmosphere. Vrabel, with his message of “respecting your teammates”, fits right into that philosophy, while also holding players accountable.

Ultimately, I think you’ll see a closer Titans team in 2018, that also plays much more disciplined.

Featured image via Tennessee Titans

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