The Tennessee Titans defeated the Detroit Lions 46-25 to earn their first double-digit win season since 2008. Head coach Mike Vrabel held a day-after-game press conference following the win to address some key topics.


The Tennessee Titans are finally getting production out of their first-round pick, Corey Davis. He has 60 receptions for 945 yards so far this season. He is just 55 yards away from his first 1,000-yard season.

Versus the Detroit Lions, Davis had four receptions for 110 yards on the day, including a 75-yard touchdown grab.

A big reason why Davis wasn’t as productive in previous seasons was durability. Now, he’s been healthy and active for the Titans.

“Corey has been very durable,” Vrabel said, “His confidence level is up. He’s running better routes. Much like the one we saw (on Sunday), the safety bit, and Corey sold it, committed to it. I thought it was well-executed.”

Davis has quickly emerged into the dynamic receiver opposite of A.J. Brown the Titans needed.


This has been a season-long issue. The Tennessee Titans’ inability to get a sack has been at the forefront of their problems this season.

The Titans didn’t register any hits on Matthew Stafford on Sunday until the fourth quarter. Once the Lions saw the hits start to roll in, they replaced him with Chase Daniel to protect Stafford’s injured ribs.

Vrabel noted that this is an issue they will have to continue working on.

“Certainly we’ll have to do a better job of everyone being involved and helping disrupt the passing game,” Vrabel said, “We’ll get back to work at it with the players tomorrow in meetings and Wednesday on the field.”


The Tennessee Titans battle the Green Bay Packers in what should be a good one. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this one.

The Titans have the number one scoring offense in the NFL with 436 offensive points. The Packers have the third-best scoring offense with 434.

Neither offenses are strangers to the end zone. That’s thanks to great quarterback play and amazing running backs. Vrabel noted how good the Packers are at Lambeau Field, and said this is the best team the Titans have faced all year.

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur spent the 2018 season as the Titans’ offensive coordinator.  This will be the first time Mike Vrabel and Matt LaFleur have met in the regular season.


Not only does Mike Vrabel pride himself on being a leader among men in the Titans locker room, but he prides himself on being a leader in the community.

When Vrabel was asked to share a message to the community as we head into the holiday season after a rough year, he did not hesitate to remind the community of what is most important.

“We can worry more about others than we do ourselves,” Vrabel said, “Some of those problems that we all have and deal with might not seem as important.”

“I think we all always want to worry about ourselves, that moment of self-preservation of what can I do to get through as opposed to what can I do to help someone else get through. I think that’s a good reminder for me and hopefully everyone else.”

We head into the holiday season after a year that gave us a historic tornado, coronavirus, wildfires, racial protests, and an important political race among many other things.

If there is any good the year 2020 has given us, it’s the 10-4 Tennessee Titans led by MVP dark horse Derrick Henry and the prolific Ryan Tannehill.

Featured image by Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
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