NASHVILLE — Barstool Sports is going Bussin’ With The Boys.

The company acquired the hugely popular podcast featuring Tennessee Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan and linebacker Will Compton during the Super Bowl LIV festivities. The men’s lifestyle brand added the Nashville-based show to their repertoire after inking a deal with Penn National that gave Dave Portnoy’s company a $450 million valuation. Barstool + Bussin’s marriage will garner a massive influx of listeners for The Boys and a lot more scrutiny on their beloved bus.

For Nashville sports fans, it satisfies a national profile itch they have so desperately wanted scratched.

For The Brand

Barstool’s brand will elevate all things Nashville by association. The biggest question from the “puppies” and “babies” that grew Bussin’s profile organically is whether that new relationship will affect the content that was unique to Lewan and Compton’s design.

The answer: of course it will. But why is that a bad thing?

Featuring active NFL players on their own show is not something that has ever existed prior to Bussin’s launch. The format allows for a totally unique conversation that standard media outlets either cannot or will not produce due to the sometimes graphic nature of the content and their distance from the interviewees. Bussin’s biggest asset is allowing the audience into the locker room talk; hearing what Mike Vrabel would give up for a fourth Super Bowl or group shower etiquette with Kevin Byard is not something that exist outside of the teammates’ relationship that drives the show.

Compton and Lewan’s biggest struggles have been the lack of availability from Lewan during the NFL season and getting guests that resonate nationally to physically come to Nashville and experience the bus. Whereas Bussin’ had to settle for local connections in its first season, Barstool opens up a new menu of individuals that the hosts will be able to sit down in-person with. The drawback, for some, is that it will lose the ties that made the podcast expressly for Music City.

It bears noting, though, that Bussin’ With The Boys was never meant to be a local sports show.

Up Next…

Season 2 of Bussin’ dropped Tuesday night and begins with The Boys announcing the partnership with great excitement. Lewan and Compton joke about accomplishing the goal of “selling the f*&k out” and then recap a tumultuous Titans’ season.

Barstool’s audience likely will not care about the journey Tennessee took to this year’s AFC Title Game and the content will certainly veer from solely Titans topics/guests as a result. But when Roman Josi, Jayon Brown and Kevin Byard do make appearances, it will place them, the city of Nashville and two of it’s proudest athletes at the forefront of more eyes, ears and persons of note. Titans fans can no longer claim the national media pays no attention to their teams because now they are directly invested in it.

The “Pirate Ship of The Internet” has planted its Stoolie flag in Music City.
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