New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a lot of things that Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota doesn’t.

Most notably, Brady has six Super Bowl rings to Mariota’s zero.

But there is one thing Mariota has that Brady doesn’t. And it’s something that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick humorously (though maybe it wasn’t intended as humor) pointed out prior to the Titans/Patriots joint practice on Wednesday.


Belichick mentioned Mariota’s athleticism while noting that it’s “different” than what the Patriots have.

That’s a bit a of an understatement.

Brady has played in the NFL since 2000. He’s accumulated 1,003 rushing yards during that time period.

Mariota, on the other hand, has been in the NFL since 2015. He’s totaled 1,270 rushing yards during his career.

Of course, we don’t need stats to prove that Mariota is more athletic than Brady. The eye test will certainly suffice.

The difference in athleticism is slightly noticeable.

Athleticism, however, doesn’t guarantee success. Just like a lack of athleticism doesn’t guarantee failure.

Belichick might be impressed by Mariota’s ability to use his legs, but I don’t think he’s sweating the fact that Brady moves like a statue.

Hard to argue with six rings.

Featured image via Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

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