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2. What is the balance between Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry?

One of the most intriguing areas of the Titans roster is the running back position. With DeMarco Murray now enjoying a life in retirement, Derrick Henry is in for a massive role increase.

While Henry was listed as the starter on the Titans’ first unofficial depth chart, he will likely see himself in more of a committee role. That’s because Dion Lewis, who the Titans acquired on the first day of free agency, is also deserving of plenty of touches.

So far in Training Camp, it has been pretty difficult to get a read on what exactly each of the players’ roles will be. Lewis has gotten his fair share of targets from all over the formation in the passing game, but he’s gotten plenty of carries running the ball as well. The same is true for Henry.

Another issue that makes the situation murkier is that Lewis and Henry have been groomed by Bill Belichick and Nick Saban, respectively. That means that most of their comments to the media are full to the brim of unrevealing “coach speak.”

Though it likely won’t be much, Thursday’s game will serve as an opportunity to get a better look at the situation. It will be offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur’s first time calling plays, so there’s some potential that he shows his hand a bit in terms of what Lewis and Henry’s roles will be.

At the very least, we will at least get to look at a real running game, which isn’t really possible in practice.

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