There is a lot on the line this weekend for the Tennessee Titans. A lot more than what’s been portrayed on the national media.

Now, of course, the most important thing is a win. But, there are other things that could be accomplished on Sunday by the Titans.

Let’s take a look at each one of them, and I will predict how likely it is to happen by using three different measuring tools: “Long Shot” means it likely won’t happen. “Probable” means the chances of it happening is respectable. “Book it” means it definitely will happen.


Let’s start off with the most important. I already touched on this a little in the intro, but here is why a win is important.

A Tennessee Titans win ensures the AFC South is theirs, and they will host a home playoff game. The Titans have not taken home an AFC South trophy since 2008.

The Texans are an attractive opponent for this kind of matchup because.. well it’s the Texans.

They have the second-worst rush defense in the NFL. They also own the third-worst overall defense in the NFL.

The Titans should handle them, but as we saw in week six, it probably won’t be easy.



Now that the win is done, let’s look at another big-time possibility. The Tennessee Titans have a shot at being the only NFL team with two 2,000-yard rushers.

Running back Derrick Henry is just 223 yards away from reaching that milestone. He has rushed for over 200 yards in his last two meetings with Houston.

It was just last season when Henry won his first career rushing title in Houston. It would be poetic if he were to also reach 2,000 yards on that same field.

For this to happen, the Titans would need the perfect combination of a dominant Henry day but a close game. If the Titans pull away early, it would be wise of Mike Vrabel to pull his starters in preparation for wild card weekend.

There is a great chance the Titans do pull away from the Texans eventually. So, the chances are slim, but the possibility is there. Henry will need about 111 yards in the first half to be on pace for 223.



Regardless if Derrick Henry reaches 2,000 yards or not, the Titans offense has a chance at a 4,000-yard passer and two 1,000-yard receivers.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has 3,603 yards on the season, needing 397 yards passing on Sunday to achieve 4,000 yards.

Receivers A.J. Brown and Corey Davis are both well within the range of 1,000 yards. Davis has 945 yards receiving, and Brown has 924.

Davis will need a 55-yard game on Sunday to achieve 1,000 yards. His teammate Brown will need a 76-yard game.

The chances of all three of these happening seem low. Yet it is very likely at least one of these wide receivers will reach 1,000 yards.

In order for all three to happen, the Titans will need a day in which everything is going right for them on offense.

Tannehill has only had three 300-yard games this season. He hasn’t had a single 400-yard game. He’s just been wildly efficient for Tennessee. So the chances of him leading his receivers to 1,000 yards are good, but him getting 4,000 is in question.


I trust that what we saw on Sunday night was just another off night for the Tennessee Titans. Also, the snow on the ground only added to the misery of that game.

They will bounce back on Sunday versus Houston, and it will be a fun day. Hopefully, we see ALL of these things happen.

Featured image by Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports
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