Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk told The Midday 180 on Friday that she doesn’t want a new football stadium in Nashville.

That comment from Strunk, who also mentioned she wants to make some improvements to Nissan Stadium, is what will be repeated in numerous headlines. But it’s not the most interesting thing I thought she said during her interview on Friday.

After expressing her appreciation for Nissan Stadium, Strunk said something that stood out to me.

“A stadium doesn’t win football games at the end of the day”.

If that’s not a refreshing comment from an owner, I don’t what is.

Sports owners have a reputation of being money hungry. And it’s understandable. They’re making hundreds of millions of dollars on the backs of athletes who don’t make nearly as much as they do (athletes are well paid, but it’s nothing compared to what owners make). For a lot of owners, it seems like the objective is making more money, not winning games.

For Strunk, however, it seems clear that bringing a Super Bowl trophy to Nashville is all that matters.

It’s evident in how the Titans have handled business lately that Stunk’s influence is heavily felt throughout the organization. Paying Taylor Lewan big money last season, extending Kevin Byard last week, and signing multiple free agents during the offseason shows that the Tennessee Titans are a franchise trying to win a Super Bowl, not a franchise simply trying to improve their bottom line.

If the Titans eventually win a Super Bowl, it will will be because of the coaching, the players and the decisions made by general manager Jon Robinson. But behind all of those parts of the equation is Strunk, the person who is truly the driving force behind the Titans’ success.

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