The Tennessee Titans have reportedly agreed to a four-year contract with free agent receiver Adam Humphries. His presence within the Titans offense will provide the unit with a quality that they really lacked last season.

Still, there remains more work to be done for the Titans front office at the position.

When veteran tight end Delanie Walker was lost for the season with an ankle injury in the Titans’ first game last season, the offense was left with a very young and inexperienced core of pass catchers.

As a result, the group’s production was pretty volatile. One week, they would look like superheroes. The next, they would look somewhat lost.

Even the players who showed the most flashes, Corey Davis and tight end Jonnu Smith, were very inconsistent from week to week. Taywan Taylor and Tajaé Sharpe, particularly, were disappointing for a majority of the year.

To sum up the problem, the receiving core lacked reliability in a big way, and quarterback Marcus Mariota suffered as a result.

Undoubtedly, Adam Humphries was signed with the goal of remedying this issue. What he lacks in athleticism and excitement, he makes up for with his reliability.

Even with Delanie Walker returning from his injury, the Titans had a desperate need for a receiver who, for lack of a better phrase, knows what he’s doing. Humphries fits that mold.

He may not be the most exciting player in the world, but Humphries can provide the consistent reliability that the Titans offense has lacked.

Humphries’ knacks are getting open and catching the football when it’s thrown to him. His 2018 totals for catches and touchdowns would have led all Titans receivers.

He also dropped just one of his 105 targets in 2018, a further testament to his reliability.

Despite the indisputable qualities that Humphries brings the Titans, it would be somewhat uninspiring if the Titans make no other moves this offseason at the receiver position.

While Humphries fills a need, he provides very little, if any, explosiveness. The Titans still need a receiver who can make plays after the catch, someone who can stretch the field.

By not having a receiver with some kind of dynamite, the Titans would again put too much pressure on Marcus Mariota. Corey Davis certainly has his share of explosive moments, but he’s still not the kind of spark plug the Titans still need.

Signing Humphries, especially to a contract that expires before he hits the age of 30, was smart for the Titans. But that can’t be their only move to assist in the passing game.

Whether they dip back into the free agent market or add a rookie to the fold in next month’s draft, the Titans need to give Mariota and the rest of the offense even more help.

Cover image: Kim Klement/USA Today

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