The lottery and the combine are both over. Finally, the deadline for college players to make their final decisions on whether or not to pull out of the draft has passed as well.

With these deadlines in the rearview, we now have a better look at mock drafts from some of college basketball’s and the NBA’s best analysts. Here is where they (and I) see Tennessee’s stars landing.

But first, if you haven’t read through my conversation with an NBA scout regarding his thoughts on Bone, Williams and Schofield, you can do that here.

Grant Williams

NBA Draft Net – No. 33 to Philadelphia

CBS Sports, Kyle Boone – No. 25 to Portland

CBS Sports, Gary Parrish – No. 26 to Cleveland

CBS Sports Reid Forgrave – No. 21 to Oklahoma City

Sports Illustrated Mock Draft 8.0 – No. 38 to Dallas

Bleacher Report, Jonathan Wasserman – No. 22 to Boston

Takeaway – With the exception of Sports Illustrated, the general consensus on Williams seems to be late first round. This is understandable because of the doubts regarding his size and athleticism. Despite those doubts though, it is hard to imagine the league letting an elite and proven talent like Williams slip deep into round two.

My prediction – No. 22 to Boston. When I spoke to an NBA scout, he said that many teams in the league are trending smaller and he could see Williams falling to one of those and finding his niche. The Celtics were in the bottom fourth of teams last season in terms of height and Brad Stevens is the type of coach that can help a player like Williams find that niche.

Admiral Schofield

NBA Draft Net – No. 36 to Charlotte

CBS Sports, Gary Parrish – No. 23 to Utah

CBS Sports, Reid Forgrave – No. 30 to Milwaukee

Sports Illustrated Mock Draft 8.0 – No. 44 to Atlanta

CBS Sports HQ – No. 19 to San Antonio

Takeaway – Nobody has any idea where Admiral Schofield is going to go. Some people are obviously very high on him while others have their doubts. With Schofield, it’s really a mystery.

My prediction – No. 29 to San Antonio. I think Schofield is a project type player and therefore a bit of a risk. A risk that could pay huge dividends, but a gamble nonetheless. San Antonio has two first round picks which means they could be willing to roll the dice with their second one especially when you have a coach like Popovich who has shown great success taking on project players and developing them.

And of course, he could be the second Admiral to wear a Spurs jersey.

Jordan Bone

Sports Illustrated Mock Draft 8.0 – No. 59 to Toronto

Takeaway – SI is the only major outlet that believes Bone will get drafted. The takeaway here is that this isn’t surprising to Bone. He knows the likelihood of him going in the draft is low, but he opted to leave school anyway. Even though Bone is self-aware, he doesn’t care. Bone is another piece to what is becoming a growing trend in college basketball.

My prediction – Undrafted. Bone will eventually sign with a team and get his shot in the summer, but as for the draft, I don’t see it happening.


Featured Image: Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

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