The Tennessee Vols’ internal investigation into impermissible benefits and other wrongdoings is almost wrapped up.

But that doesn’t mean a decision on UT head coach Jeremy Pruitt will be made this weekend.

Pruitt reportedly spoke with the law firm that Tennessee retained for the investigation on Thursday. Now that his interview is complete, the attorneys will give UT their findings, and then the university will have a decision to make.

I’d expect that decision to take at least a couple of days.

And that could be by design.

Classes start for Tennessee on January 20. At this point, UT is just trying to keep the roster intact while Pruitt is seemingly in limbo.

If Tennessee can wait until after January 20 to make a decision on Pruitt, it could certainly help with roster attrition.

The NCAA’s vote on the one-time transfer rule was recently delayed, which is another reason that players on the fence about leaving — linebacker Henry To’o To’o for example — could choose to return while the fate of Pruitt remains unknown.

Now, it’s worth noting that players could still transfer if Tennessee fires Pruitt after January 20. Getting players back to campus is only half the battle.

But it’s half the battle that has to be won before the other half can be fought.

The Vols are in a tricky situation right now. And I know folks are perturbed that this investigation has gone all the way into mid-January, but at this point, I’m not sure if there was anything else Tennessee could’ve done.

This obviously isn’t ideal, but the investigation had to run its course before any decisions — good or bad — could be made.

And now it might be a few more days before we learn what those decisions will be.

Featured image via Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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